Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somewhere in this city, Carol Chumney must be shaking her head and laughing

Why, you may ask? Well, it seems that The Med is threatening to close its Emergency Room (but NOT the Elvis Presley Trauma Center) if it fails to get $32 Million in needed funding. Mayor Wharton says that he will keep a focus on The Med even after he becomes Mayor of the city in a few days.

That's all well and good, and I'm glad he is, but is it not true that responsibility for The Med falls under the County, not the City, meaning he has more control over it with the job he is leaving compared to the job he is taking?

Chumney, of course, mentioned this during the campaign several times, beginning with a September 9 press release, which was pretty much ignored by the media, even me. The question becomes this: Why did no one at The Med bother to mention this BEFORE the Mayoral Election?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller (not THAT ONE)? Well, this will soon be Joyce Avery's problem, as well as the County Commission, while Mayor Wharton just walks across the Mall to his new job, showing all the concern in the world, while not really having the power to do anything about it.

While I'm grousing about Wharton, let me kick it up a notch. Mr. Mayor, why did you not give Steve Ross the courtesy of a vote before the Council on Tuesday? If he loses, he loses, but it's HIS loss, not yours. Let the chips fall where they may. If, as a trial lawyer, you have seen far worse than the brawl between The Punk Joe Brown and Shea Flinn, why did you roll over so quickly?

Do you think The Punk Joe Brown didn't notice? Do you honestly think he won't keep doing this, now that he sees that, despite all of our criticism for his Punkness, he got what he wanted? Prepare to keep getting rolled, Mr. Mayor, they're not as deferential on the west side of the Plaza as they were on the east side, they FIGHT over here.

Sidney Chism was right, you ARE going to have to piss people off and take stands now, or you will be in a quagmire of which you may find difficult to extricate yourself. Welcome to the big leagues, Mayor Wharton.

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Tom Guleff said...


With this kind of blogger talk, you are removing any opportunity of serving on a county or city board (or commission). Young man, you need to sit down and be still. Drink this pitcher of kool-aid.