Monday, October 05, 2009

I know it's unscientific, but....

Has Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery actually PASSED AC Wharton on the Daily Docket-LeftWingCracker poll? Sure looks like it to me, as of 12:30 CDT.

Could this be a trend? Has AC peaked? Will Whalum actually turn out a large number of young voters as he says (they're not doing it HERE, apparently)? Will I ever stop asking questions?

Tune in later!

UPDATE 2:55 P.M. Well, that didn't last long, did it? It's neck and neck now, with a slight lead for AC. Check back later, won't you?

UPDATE 4:55 P.M. Lowery 64, Wharton 61! Back and forth like UNC and Duke!

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