Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow, it's hard to believe that this happened 33 years ago

With thanks to The Sports Guy, here is a 1976 clip of Fleetwood Mac performing Rhiannon for Feel Good Friday.


Anonymous said...

Remind me in private to tell you about my seeing this when it first showed.

captainkona said...

Buckingham takes me back to when they were pretty much a guitar oriented band.
But you'll never hear me complain about Nicks coming in.

I know the baa baa aspect of her singing could be annoying at times, but as we see in the vid, the girl could flat wail when she was on.
And sooo beautiful.

Thatx, Steve. That one hit the spot.

Anonymous said...

They were my first concert ever! I loved it. Thanks for posting.

captainkona said...

It's not that I'm being an attention whore, but I just had to come back and dig this vid again.

And with my bong and a healthy sack of Orange Kush sitting in front of me, it will be that much more enjoyable.
Don't know 'bout you folks, but it's cold in these mountains tonight.
I'm gettin' my warm on.


callmeishmael said...

As per the Cracker's above reference to President Truman, those who now define "liberalism" would villify him for the limitations of his context and his unwillingness to overcome it in the manner of their conveniently provided definitions. President Truman, in other words, would be considered the enemy of "progressive" policies. I'm rather convinced that sort of label is not what the Cracker has in mind.

captainkona said...

What's up, Ish?

I missed the Harry Truman aspect of the Fleetwood Mac vid. Good comment though. If you could direct me to the thread it was meant for I'd love to read it.

Or maybe I'm just stoned...

Be well, bro'


callmeishmael said...

To the Captain: no direct reference between HST and Fleetwood Mac. More a comment on the Cracker's "liberalism" has been warped over the last thirty years by many of those who claim to cherish it. Thanks for the question--

Vvixen said...

This is awesome!