Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A few thoughts..

First, yes, I know my template is screwed up, I will work on that tonight.

Second, I was having a discussion with a friend last night when he asked a very pertinent question: Is Herman Morris destined to be Memphis' Ralph Nader?  Without people voting for Nader, we might never have had Bush II and all the horrors he has wrought.

Will Morris serve the same function, siphoning off enough votes from Chumney to ensure another term of the incumbent?  One has to wonder, especially with the Commercial Appeal not having run another poll, unless they HAVE and just have not released it in order to protect their endorsee, Morris.

Yes, the Morrisites will whine and say I'm denying the manifest destiny of their candidate, but that's delusional at best.  At worst, they deny the real truth of this campaign: that only two people have the ability and the support to win this election, and that neither of them are named Herman Morris.

Look, I like Herman, and if he won, well, I would be disappointed but not angry.  However, when NO poll has shown him above third place (including his own, I hear) his presence in the race only serves to ensure another four years for the incumbent, which nobody wants, except for the AFSCME, inexplicably.

And what the hell is up with THAT, by the way???  No city union has taken it in the shorts more than AFSCME, and they endorse him for re-election?  Is this a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, or what?  There is NO good reason for this, and I almost have to wonder how it occurred.

I will keep repeating this until you figure it out: a vote for anyone other than Carol Chumney is a vote for the incumbent, because that's the effect it will have, and you don't want that on your conscience, DO YOU?


David Holt said...

The CA will have a poll coming out, but not until the 29th annoyingly enough.

bob said...

It's a mindfugg.

Do you really think Morris siphons from Chumney? IMO, there's only one reason people who'd vote for Chumney might "switch" to Morris: Because they might think (rightly or wrongly) he has a better chance of winning.

Both siphon from Herenton. (Which is a good thing, the more the merrier.) So then the question becomes: Which one of the two alternatives to Herenton shall I vote for?

Many people are voting for the one they think they like better (or at least that's what they say). But many people I have talked to are voting for the one they think everybody else likes better.

If you are arguing that Morris should step aside in favor of Chumney, I can't help you there. For better or worse, we've got what we've got: a race between two spoilers.

Which spoiler will win? That's a race between two voter perceptions: "Better Candidate" and "Better Chance".

I think we'll have Mayor Chance come January. Anyobody's guess whether Mayor Chance will be wearing a mustache or heels.

Memphis For Morris said...


Why do you keep talking about a nearly three month old poll that had a third of the voters undecided?

Herman Morris is a better candidate. Herman Morris is more electable. Herman Morris has raised more money. Herman Morris actually was a CEO. Herman Morris is a black man that is liked by white voters.

Why don't you stop being delusional and admit Herman has a better chance than Carol Chumney? Why don't you ask Carol to step aside and let Herman win in a landslide?

If Herman Morris was not in this race, Willie Herenton would get 95% of the black vote and defeat Carol Chumney in the election.

bob said...

Commenter believes Mayor Chance has a mustache.

Also believes Memphis needs a CEO.

DPC said...

The last politician we elected on the basis of "he was a CEO" was W.

Being A CEO is no guarantee on anythng.

Wintermute said...

One must read between the lines, so to speak, of released poll data and the timing of any absences of same.

Who stands to gain or lose by publicizing or withholding their poll results?

I could go on, but I think I deserve at least to be wined and dined for this stuff.

Treasure hunt: find Schledwitz' fairly recent comment to one of the media outlets on what the numbers have done.

Jim Maynard said...

I was eager to support Carol Chumney, but after she refused to answer Stonewall Democrat and Tennessee Equalty Project questions, and seeing the efforts Herman Morris has been putting into getting gay votes, I switched to him. My last encounter with Chumney was back in the last city election when she tried to tell gays and lesbians at the gay community center that she would not support offering domestic partnership benefits to gay and lesbian city employees, and that a non-discrimination ordinance is unneccessary since current laws protect gays and lesbians from discriminatino (the do not).

Then I met Herman Morris twice, at Mid South Pride, where he gave a great speech opposing discrimination againt gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people. I couldn't believe a black candidate would say that publicly. (Chumney had a "schedule conflict" even though she was invited months in advance.) Then I met Morris again at the TEP candidate meet and greet. I told him Stonewall Democrats would endorse him, and he thanked me for our support. (Chumney had another "schedule conflict.").

Given a choice between a politician who doesn't want to be publicly aligned with gay people, and a candidate who not only says he opposes discrimination against gays but will support a non-discrimination ordinance AND domestic partnership benefits for gay city employees, and who is comfortable publicly speaking for gay rights, I will vote and support the candidate with the mustache who reached out to me for my support.

LeftWingCracker said...

Now. Jim, let's just say for shits and giggles that Herman wins, and then does the unthinkable and gets that through the City council.

How long do you think it will take before the state legislature comes roaring through and passes a bill overriding that? One week, or two?

Chumney will find a way to get partnership benefits for everyone, and in a way that gender won't matter.

As the fellow said the other day, let's get someone in who will DO something and not just pay lip service to your goals.

Off-topic, what do you think of the redesign?

Jim Maynard said...

It is CAROL CHUMNEY who has paid nothing but lip service to gays and lesbians. She says out of one side of her mouth she opposes discrimination and supports "equal rights', and yet refuses to support the policies to give us "equal rights"! Why do you say Chumney will support domestic partnership benefits when she has said she will not???
Now I don't expect to get Domestic Partnership beneifts in the city of Memphis anytime soon, but I do hope to get the non-discrimination ordinance, I have been working for over ten years for it. I don't expect Morris (or any Mayor) to push it through on theri own, but with enough city council members we could. But you need a mayor that will support it.

I know this is not the only, or even the most important issue in this election. But I think political courange on this issue says something about how a candidate would handle other issues.

cardsfan said...

Jim, I'm sure that fighting crime, improving education, putting more police on the street and trying to lure more large companies to Memphis aren't very important. Why not back a candidate that has a REAL plan of action. then go to work on other issues. Herman Morris is a very nice man, but I don't believe he has the qualifications to be mayor. Just because Miss Chumney didn't answer a "survey" doesn't mean she is not interested in the non-discrimination ordinance.
Carol is a current member of the city council and there have been many events "scheduled" on the days City Council meet. So until you know all the facts, you don't try blowing smoke up people's butt.

Jim Maynard said...

Please explain why Herman Morris, a CEO with a Law Degree, is "unqualified" to be Mayor? Funny how he scores higher than ALL other mayoral candidates, including Carol Chumney, in the Coalition for a Better Memphis voter guide on such things as EXPERIENCE, VISION, and ETHICS. Guess the Coalition for a Better Memphis and the Commercial Appeal must not understand the qualifications to be mayor. Perhaps you could explain them to us.

I think Chumney and Morris a both qualified, with difference strengths and weaknesses.

And I think candidates should take the time to answer questionnaires so groups can inform voters about them and so we can make informed decisions when we vote.

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