Friday, September 14, 2007

Here's the first Chumney ad.....


Memphis, TN—Today, Councilwoman Carol Chumney, candidate for Memphis Mayor, unveiled a television ad for her Mayoral campaign.

The ad, entitled, “Fed Up”, was produced by Chumney’s media consultant Josh Isay, of Squier, Knapp and Dunn, which is an issues communication firm in New York.

The ad will begin airing on network television this Monday, and will run through September 23rd.

Beginning Monday, the Chumney campaign will have television spots on the air for the rest of the campaign.

Chumney for Mayor Campaign Manager Charles Blumenthal said, “this significant presence on TV will get Carol’s message of change and cleaning up Memphis to the voters.”

The ad depicts Carol speaking about why she is running for Mayor, her record of public service and her pledge to make Memphis safer for families.

In the ad, Chumney says, “Are you fed up with crime and corruption in Memphis, well I am. I’m Carol Chumney and I’m running for mayor to clean up our city. In the legislature I cracked down on gang violence and dangerous daycare centers because every child deserves to be secure. As Mayor I will make our neighborhoods safer by putting more police on the beat and getting our kids off the street. I love this city and I know that together we can make Memphis great again.”



Jim Maynard said...

Hmm.. You getting outnumbered Crakcer.
Morris has been enorsed by Tennesee Equality Project, Stonewall Democrats, Memphis Democrats in Action, the Commercial Appeal, West TN Liberal, etc..

Morris is becoming the consensus candidate to beat Herenton...

Morris has been taking a stronger and stand for LGBT civil rights than Chumney, she has ignored the gay community in this election.. I guess she is more concerned about getting those East Memphis votes..

midtowndem said...

Enough is enough cracker. You make the assumption that all black Memphians are the same and don't read the CA and will do as Willie says. You couldn't be more wrong. Many in the
African American community and the white community want change bandly. This editorial did just the opposite of what you stated. It knocked many of those that are undecided off the fence and brought them to the Morris camp. By the way, yard signs don't vote. Carol got lots of sings and commitments early on before Morris jumped in. Many many have chumney sings in their yard out of loyalty to her and her family, but they won't pull the lever for her because in the end; a vote for her is a vote for herenton.

LeftWingCracker said...

And Y'all accuse ME of drinking Kool-Aid???

Herman Morris has already peaked, and that was at 12%. The Ca won;t do a poll because they know what it will tell them: Herman is doomed to 3rd place, and what's even worse, YOU KNOW IT.

Jim Maynard said...

I think you will be gettinig a surprise when the next polls come out... Morris is certain to get a big boost from the C.A. and all the other endorsments he's getting. And the more she panders to conservatives in East Memphis the more progressives/liberals will be switching to Morris.

Memphis For Morris said...

Hey, even Carol endorses Herman Morris!

We need a mayor with experience who canr elate with different people in different neighborhoods

Memphis For Morris said...

One more thing Cracker...

You still haven't answered...

Exactly when did the last poll come out?

The Great Pink Scare said...

Jim Maynard... you really need to stop presenting yourself as someone who represents the LGBT community in Memphis. You are spewing so much vile that many friends and *family* members are blocking your dozens of daily emails.

Every gay man or woman in Memphis KNOWS why Carol has not pursued the gay endorsements. What would happen to the only white candidate in the mayor's race, who is also unmarried and previously accused of being a lesbian, if she pursued GLBT endorsements? Hmmm... let's think.

Those endorsements would be a rainbow colored anchor around her neck. Plain and simple. They would kill her chances of succeeding. And you know it wouldn't just be from the East Memphis crowd. Gee, was it the "East Memphis crowd" who turned against Cohen's hate crime bill?

Nevertheless, anyone with any sense of history could tell you that Carol has always supported LGBT issues. Talk to the LGBT lobbyists who worked with Carol in the State House. This is another example of turning against a realistic candidate who will support our issues because they aren't paying us lip service.

There are no pros to a gay endorsement. Are local gay groups going to send out a mass mailing to all of our thousands of members asking them to donate money and volunteer with Carol? We don't have those numbers.

Are we, Gay Memphians, going to get money from some national organization to contribute to Carol? No such entity.

How can you possibly compare gay endorsements to the support of labor unions, each local having hundreds of members?

As a gay man, I have no problem seeing that the groups like Stonewall and TNEP that supposedly represent me, will do more harm to my candidate than good. That is just the nature of the beast in 2007.

LeftWingCracker said...


That is the point exactly. Carol is against discrimination, period, and you are right, she would get ZERO votes in the African-American community if she did what was requested of her by those groups, with whom I agree, for the most part.

Does anyone think the incumbent isn't distributing THOSE endorsement, either? I'm telling y'all, at this rate Willingham wlll out poll Morris in the community...

Love that handle, by the way...

Jim Maynard said...

Pink Scare, please reference where I have claimed to represent the GLBT community? I gave up on that years ago. I don't represent the gay community any more than leftwing cracker represents the straight community. I am an individual activist/blogger. I speak for myself. I am involved with organizations like Stonewall Democrats however, and those groups represent some but not all of the "gay community."

I do not support candidates that cannot even answer on a questionnaire whether or not they even support equal civil rights for LGBT people, Chumney didn't even have the guts to put that on paper.

And one corrction Pink, I do not send out a dozen emails a day, not even in a week. No need to be "vile".


Jim Maynard said...

And Carol Chumney does not even seem to realize that gays and lesbians are not protected from employment discrimination by ANY federal or state laws. People in TEP actually asked her in person if she would support a non-discrimination ordinance and she said she was against discrimination, but current laws were enough. That is just ignorant to say.

Jim Maynard said...

One more think, Pink Scare.. if you do not want to get on my email list, just email me and I will GLADLY remove you, whoever you are..
Ta ta..

Jim Maynard said...

Pink, how do we know Chumney will support gays and lesbians? What evidence do you have?
At one time we thought the same thing about Harold Ford Jr....
Don't assume anything about politicians.
And why is it that Herman Morris, Myron Lowery, Janis Fullilove, and other candidates could answer Stonewall Dem and TEP questions, even if not all of them to our liking, and come to our events to show some support, but Chumney could not???
Other politicians, like Cohen, publicly support gays without getting much of a political reward for it because they will support LGBT rights regardless of the political payoff. Its called "political courage." I think Morris has shwon more than Chumney on this issue..

Memphis For Morris said...

So Cracker... You have taken to ignoring me?


How about I answer for you...

Early July. Two and a half months ago.

joe4444 said...

As a quiet, yet frequent, reader here I would like to respectfully share my thoughts. While, my political standpoint differs to some degree from the majority of bloggers that frequently comment here, as well as LWC, I am just focused on the issues at stake in the mayor's race. I would like to thank LWC, however, for not playing the Race Card at all in any of his blogging, from what I've seen.

"Herman Morris has already peaked, and that was at 12%. The Ca won;t do a poll because they know what it will tell them: Herman is doomed to 3rd place, and what's even worse, YOU KNOW IT."

I somewhat find this difficult to believe. There has been nothing of persuasive value to me to say that Herman Morris has slid anywhere in the polls since 2-3 months ago. He has since received numerous endorsements (the most well-known being that recently mentioned CA endorsement that LWC has downplayed). Morris has also visited various communities that are likely parts of Herenton's base. Morris has strongly developed good name-recognition amongst the black community, which as much as I hate to relate things to race, will be a big playing factor in this mayoral election.

Is there some sort of evidence or factual news source that could be reference to further establish your claim, LWC?

Carol Chumney would not make a bad second choice, but I don't see her as a leader. However, given Morris's recent attack into Herenton's base of black support, it could do nothing but benefit Chumney, while potentially securing Herenton's fate in this election. Since the last poll had about 29% undecided voters, I believe, I find it difficult to imagine many of them turning their support to Herenton after his recent "ghetto" style, second-grade campaigning techniques.