Monday, September 10, 2007

The world according to Americans (or at least the neocons)

From my buddy Charles Drennon..


Adrianna said...

Very Cool

TN420 said...

It's actually quite accurate.

BushCo and their commercial crusaders view the rest of the world the same way they view Appalachia, as a resource colony to be raped, plundered and pillaged for the sake of corporate and ideological gain.


Tell Mr. Drennon I greatly appreciate his clarity and understanding of the situation we find ourselves, and the rest of the world, in.

Tom Guleff said...

On my map, America is a lot larger, and Memphis is in the center. What Gives!

polar donkey said...

I've been to Cold three times.

AJ said...

I would hope that the first thing everyone would notice when looking at that map is that Africa is completely missing, but sadly, I'm quite sure that many Amerikans wouldn't give it a second thought.