Monday, September 24, 2007

OK, here are people I want to win but can't vote for

Just a quick run through the other Council races - -

District 1 - Bill Morrison - He understands the District, and is endorsed by outgoing Councilor EC Jones.  I know him and trust him to do the right thing, he is not a fan of developers, either.

District 2 - Brian Stephens - I have been kind of rough on Brian Stephens, as the idea of being on the same side as Paul Stanley makes me REAL nervous.  However, many of my buds (including someone I endorsed) said that, if you HAVE to have a Republican, Stephens is the one to have, as he is extremely civic-minded and has been involved in community affairs.  (KH, I KNOW it's non-partisan).  OK, go with Brian Stephens, as some of my Democratic friends apparently already have.

District 3 - Coleman Thompson - I have worked closely with this man for more years than I can count, and I KNOW he will be the best person to represent Whitehaven and Hickory Hill.  He is the founder and operator of Pyramid Recovery Services, and understands the needs of this area, please vote for Coleman Thompson.

District 4 - Wanda Halbert - If the School Board Commissioner doesn't win this, there will have to be an investigation.  Just as she was on the side of parents on the School Board, she will be on the side of taxpayers on the City Council.

District 6 - Clifford Lewis may be considered a longshot, but he is a tireless worker for his community, and he would be the best representative for Westwood, Coro Lake and parts of South Memphis.

District 7 - Your choice.

Super 8, Position 1 - Ian Randolph would be an improvement over Joe (NOT THE TV JUDGE) Brown if he just sat there and never opened his mouth.  Luckily, he is an exceedingly bright fellow and would be a solid representative for this super district position.  Besides, Thaddeus thinks he's a sellout, so I have to support Ian Randolph.

Super 8, Position 2 - Oh hell, why bother?  Look, Janis Fullilove is going to WALK AWAY with this race, as she busts her ass every time she runs, and nearly caught Thomas Long with his pants down four years ago, coming within a hair of ousting him from his City Court Clerk job.  She has been a part of our lives for over thirty years with her work at WHBQ, WDIA (twice at least), WMC-AM and WLOK, and the average voter in this super district TRUSTS her.  Henry Hooper is a nice guy (despite the IRS problems), but he hasn't a prayer in hell, so who am I to argue.  Go Janis.

Super 8, District 3 - I don't know who Toni Strong is, and I don't care.  Two of my friends are in this race, one who I want to see elected to SOMETHING some day (Del Gill) and someone who I actually wish had run for Mayor (Myron Lowery).  Myron is a hard worker on the Council and the Charter Commission, and, had he run for Mayor, would have been able to to pull votes from EVERY section of this city, and would have BEATEN the incumbent, IMO.

Del says he is running to keep Myron honest, and that's OK, but, Myron is going to beat him, as he should.  However, I am going to speak up for this man who infuriates many, but frankly, most of the time, he's RIGHT.  We all pick on him and shudder, but I have worked with him on conventions, and he is one of the smartest human beings I have ever met.  Some day, Del, some day; just not this year.

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