Thursday, September 06, 2007

MPA Endorses Chumney

I was informed moments ago that Carol Chumney has won the endorsement of the Memphis Police Association, to add to her growing list of labor and other endorsements.
The groundswell continues as the quest for REAL CHANGE in the city points toward a Chumney victory in October!


cardsfan said...

Chumney Rocks.... Hey Herman trying catching up to our endorements.Little Willie needs to learn he ain't King any more. We are making room for a Memphis born, bred and educated princess.

Austin said...

I even endorsed Chumney. That might not be good for her. She was a bitch to me, but I forgive her for the greater good. She still needs to work on her attitude. I also hope that Shea has a better personality than Dr. Flinn. Dr. Flinn is like talking to a bush and not the good kind of bush. Do you guys even like bush on here?