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Friday, October 03, 2008

And you thought I wasn't going to do FGF Roundup any more

Well, here we go; I started this with Don Henley...

Then the Craichead joined us with Old Blind Dogs

Sharon Cobb - Counting Crows

Russ McBee - Phoebe Snow

Ginger Snaps has TWO, a Wild Cherry classic and Kenny Loggins

Newscoma - The legendary Ralph Stanley!

Squirrel Queen - Fish Heads, Fish Heads!!!

GoldnI - Stone Temple Pilots

Kat Coble - an old Queen favorite

Ron of Subtle Bluntness - The Queers

Monstermash40 - Grease is the word..

Cluttered Brain - Kenny Loggins AND Steve Perry.

LeBlanc - SRV. 'Nuff said.

Nashville is Talking - Talking Heads

Sista Smiff - Eric Clapton

Scout About - Anyone for TOAST??

Jagadiah - MORE SRV. Yay!

Jim Voorhies - More Clapton, it's LAYLA..

Holly - Duran Duran

Gman - Weezer

Katie Didn't Do It - More Ralph Stanley!

Chez Bez - Peter, Paul and Mary

More as they come in; as always, thanks to Sharon and Ginger for their lists....


eda said...


Roxy said...

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