Friday, October 10, 2008

Your FGF Roundup!

While I figure out what to use, we begin with a new blogger, Wandering Nate, whose initial entry is a movie musical classic from that noted songster, Lee Marvin!

Update: as you see above, we broke out some Buck Owens for your listening pleasure..

Pesky Fly - It's all about the Palin!

Sharon Cobb - Happy Birthday John Lennon (and Sharon!)

Newscoma - a VERY appropriate REM tune

Ginger Snaps - AC/DC

GoldnI - Pearl Jam

Monstermash40 - Garth Brooks

Brad Watkins at WTL - Scott Bowden!

Squirrel Queen - back to the 80s with ABC

Holly - Beck is Where It's At

Marc at Wild Tangents - No New Tale to Tell

Beth at Design Drama - B.B. King

My buddy Alex has no blog, but he enters the Troggs (NOT Wild Thing)

David Holt at WTL - A timely tune from Lefty Frizzell

Celtic Craichead - The Scottish Rogues

Thanks to Squirrel Queen for her list, more as they come in.