Sunday, October 19, 2008

More on the SCDP situation

First, allow me to apologize to most of the ExecCom, it appears you folks weren't even ALLOWED to vote on Amendment 5, the Instant Runoff Voting Amendment, or ANY OTHER amendment. Apparently when one of the members tried to bring it to the floor for a vote, the presiding officer didn't allow it to come up for a vote, stating theSteering Committee hadn't seen it.

SO? What the hell? If the ExecCom never voted on this, why then does the OFFICIAL SCDP Ballot say that you should vote NO on ALL referendums? REALLY?

Is it REALLY the official position of the Shelby County Democratic Party that you should vote AGAINST a referendum that says any sale of MLG&W has to be approved by the voters? REALLY?

It is REALLY the position of the SCDP that the County Charter Amendments should be voted down? REALLY?

Just who the hell MADE that decision if the SCDP ExecCom NEVER GOT TO VOTE ON THIS? THIS is the kind of BS that makes the Party look inept and ineffective, and Democratic candidates look to be not the beneficiaries of good candidates and good policies, but merely the beneficiaries of favorable demographics.

Yeah, that means what you think it does, and somebody needs to answer for this travesty.

If certain elected officials (and you know who you are) wanted the term-limits amendment to FAIL, why didn't you just say so? Hell, that was the ONE Amendment I voted against, no one could have argued that, not any Democrats.

ALL OF THEM? Without a vote of the Committee? For once, I wish Del Gill had been there to scream bloody murder, as he (and EVERYONE ELSE) should have done. This is backroom BS, and it needs to STOP. The ballots that are out there need to be DESTROYED and new ones with NO POSITION on the refenda need to be issued, because there are candidates on the ballot that NEED that ballot to go out, such as Paul Shaffer and Bob Tuke (even though I am less hopeful about Tuke than Shaffer).

To allow these ballots to stay out there obliterates any shred of credibility that the local Party has. This would never have happened if Keith Norman were still alive, by heavens!

Oh, wait.....

UPDATE 9:18 P.M. Happily, I stand corrected, Mr. Norman will have a press conference, per WTL, tomorrow at 11:30 at the IBEW Hall, 1870 Madison. I just might have to make sure I visit there before I go to work. It's about time...


polar donkey said...

It seems as though Mr. Norman has two options. 1) Embrace incompetence. Say it was a horrible mistake/misunderstanding, the ballots will be destroyed, and new ballots will be printed. 2) Shock folks and hold people accountable. Call out the person(s) responsible for this and say it will not be tolerated.

Neither of these makes Norman look good, but I'm pretty sure he will go with option 1 since we're not really into the accountability thing here.

I do have one question. How did the person(s) involved in this ballot conspiracy think this would just fly under the radar and not cause a stink? The scandal broke Thursday and by Monday the chairman of SCDP has to have a press conference. It doesn't seem the conspirator(s) really thought this out.

Tom Guleff said...

I contend that term limits is the thorn in all of this.

Anonymous said...