Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, I'm coming back, albeit slowly

This has been a most stressful week for me personally, as I had a personal crisis which has been resolved and let's leave it at that. I have to be more careful, because I now know I'm being watched.

Now then, back to the action.

In my absence, the local blogosphere has been superb in documenting the backdoor actions of a certain part of the SCDP, with regards to BallotGate.

Just so you know where I stand: YES ON THREE, YES ON FIVE, and no to TERM LIMITS. Three is the MLGW amendment, which would require a public vote before it could be sold, and Five is the Instant Runoff Voting amendment.

Apparently Keith Norman got the hint and is having the ballots re-done, although not at the Party's expense. It should either be at their expense or the personal expense of the people who oversaw the printing of the ballots, and arranged for the NO ON REFERENDUMS to be put in error on them. Mistake, my ass.

One of two things need to happen next spring, when the biennual reorganization takes place for the SCDP. First, we need to organize so that the people causing the problems in that organization are swept out or marginalized to the point of non-influence.

However, if that fails, then it's time to walk away from it and let it die, and work independently. I mean don't go to Kennedy Day, don't do anything for them, pretend they don't exist. Work for the candidates of your choice and help get the best possible Democrat in every office.

As Chris Bowers says, More AND Better Democrats, because that's what it's all about.

At least in the SCDP right now, all we have is more, not better.