Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I need your help

I am thisclose to saying the hell with it and voting for Bob Barr for President. No, I'm not a closet Klansman and I haven't suddenly turned Gooper.

I want you to tell me why the hell I should vote for Barack Obama when he whipped this horrible bailout bill that A) rewards rich Wall Street CEOs for the greed and deliberate malfeasance, B) precludes ANY possibility of any New Deal-type programs that are so desperately needed right now by ensuring that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are going to be saddled with so much public debt that we will NEVER get out from under it.

I am stating now that despite the fact that my Congressman is my friend, if he votes for this garbage, I will write someone in for the 9th District. You read that right.

I will no longer stand by and be an enabler for weak-kneed Democrats who kowtow to authority and refuse to do what's right because they're afraid of losing campaign contributions from these evil financial barons.

What point is there in electing a Democrat to the Presidency if he's just going to roll over for big money every time they whine? Franklin Delano Roosevelt would not have done that, and I don't expect Barack Obama to do so either.

Our COUNTRY is at stake, this is life or death and the senate vote tonight pushed us closer to death. We will be little more than a third-world banana republic if this passes the House, and we will be buried in the debts of others for generations.

I want you to tell me why this giveaway should pass and why I should vote for Obama. At this rate, we won't survive either McCain OR Obama.

My last comment: You can represent people or money, but not both. With his support of the giveaway, I know which side Obama is on now.


polar donkey said...

-Crickets chirping-

MemphisPI said...

Look you won't be the only democrat not voting for Obama, you know what I am saying!

Jim Maynard said...

I agree with you Cracker, but I'm still voting for Obama. Look, he's not a socialist like me, but he is the most progressive candidate who can win the election, I know that says a lot about the U.S. political system, but until we amend the constitution and move toward a parliament system with proportional representation so "third parties" can get elected, we are stuck with the Democrats...
There is NO WAY I would vote for Bob Barr, unless you really want to live under complete corporate control of society, which is what the Libertarians want. Bye Bye Social Security, and what little is left of the New Deal..
No, we have to fight the corporatists in the Democratic Party and try to get more progressives elected, and keep trying to build a democratic socialist movement.. Maybe after the coming economic crisis, it is just beginning, the American people will finally wake up from the nightmare created by Ronald Reagan..

Jim Maynard said...

I do have a dire prediction for President Obama and the Democrats.. this may be a repeat of Jimmy Carter.
Carter in inherited an economic mess from Johnson, Nixon & Ford. The spending, mainly on the Vietnam War, along with the oil embargo, led to high inflation, which led to high interest rates. Carter was blamed for it all. And then the Iran Hostrage crisis was the last straw for him..

Obama will inherit the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but it may be worse. FDR was able to save the economy through massive government spending, programs for the working class, etc. Now the U.S. industrial infrastructure is in shambles. We no longer make things here. American capitalism shifted production to other countries. Workers wages have declined. American capitalism has depended on CREDIT to keep the economy going. Now that is going away..

I don't know a way out of this, and it doesn't look like the Democratic Party wants to go back to FDR and the New Deal, now that the "era of Big Government" is over according to Bill Clinton and the New Democrats.

It doesn't matter who wins this election, the next President will not be popular for long, and the party in power, probably the Democrats, willl get blamed for the new depression.

The only way out is a NEW New Deal, lots of government spending targeting the working class, etc. We will need BIG GOVERNMENT!

Jim Maynard said...

And what I said above means HIGHER TAXES for the corporate rich! We will need to go back to at least the 70% tax rate under JFK!

Higher Taxes (for the rich) and more government spending.. who is running on that platform??

And I left off CUTTING military spending (There's $600 billion!)

The only parties with that platform are the Green Party and the Socialist Party! Take your pick

GoldnI said...

For Heaven's sake, if you're going to vote third party because you don't think Obama's progressive enough, why vote for a wingnut like Barr instead of Nader or McKinney?

Brad Watkins said...
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Brad Watkins said...

Sharon Cobb said...

I know exactly how you feel, but hang in there another 32 days and live and die a democrat. After Obama, then both parties can be torn down and rebuilt, because they sure screwed us--ask republicans, they feel as badly as we do about our party, and either we get a viable third party of the democrats rebuild.
And the very sad irony is a lot of what guerilla women said was correct, but because they were so mean and obnoxious, we couldn't hear them because of the way they expressed themselves. I mean, being told to f*ck off isn't exactly the best way to get me to vote the way you think I should vote.
But if sane, relatively respectful, professional people had been representing these views months ago over there, I might have heard them. I just couldn't hear through the "go away and f*ck off," but in retrospect, they were right about a lot.
No matter what happens Nov 4, I'm done Nov 5. Like you, I've spent my life in politics, and for what? To find out they're all the same?
It's time for the democrats to welcome Dennis Kucinich and the like--and remember the day when people like Dennis were the party, not the joke of the party.
Hang in there. McCain would bring more war than Obama. I think.
Hell, I don't know anymore.

Tom Guleff said...

This bailout is junk, and won't fix the problems.

It kind of feels like giving your keys to the biggest drunk at the party, and having him drive you home ( and you're sober ).

Mr Turnbow said...

If their going to hand money out to bankers then they should give it to these small town banks in places like Enville,Dyersburg,Henderson,Selmer and Corinth across this country instead of these wall street tycoons. Also these pols and wall street hotshots are equally to blame in all of this. They have Birmingham on the edge of bankruptcy because of the shady deals they made a few years ago. That indictment last week against a county commissioner down there was amazing. They bribed that woman coming and going and she in turn let them financially rape Birmingham taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best shares ever.

bob said...

There is no choice. It's Obama, or death, possibly by nukuler war.

Seriously: We must all remember that if on November 3 Obama's lead (in any state) is only in the single digits, the Republicans will steal it. (Whatever lead doesn't evaporate because of the race factor.)

And though I hate Obama's vote as much as you, I console myself that it probably was a political calculation. I am greateful McCain didn't take the other side of the bet.

Anonymous said...