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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's not looking good for FGF; read these and you'll see why

Read Polar Donkey and Brad Watkins at West Tennessee Liberal; what kind of country bullshit is going on at the SCDP? Did the ExecCom even bother to vote on this?

After all, since the local Obama campaign is volunteer-driven and doesn't really need that bunch to go about the business of turning out votes, the SCDP has proven their irrelevance with this act.

Go read both of these to see what I'm talking about.


Sharon Cobb said...

Even more reason to post the breath of life...music!
Jai Guru Dave Om

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Andromeda said...

Interesting. According to Auto, the SCDP DIDN'T do this but it reads like they did.....WHAT??


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