Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Liberadio goes daily on internet!

Nashville-Based Liberal Talk Radio Show Launches New Daily Internet Show

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 30, 2009) -- For over four years, Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini and Freddie O'Connell has broadcast on Vanderbilt University's WRVU 91.1 FM for two hours, one day per week. Beginning Wednesday, July 1, the popular talk radio show will expand to include an additional live hour every Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 am (CT) on BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRadio launched in August 2006 and is a web-based social radio network which will enable Liberadio(!) to host a live, call-in talk show every weekday. Shows stream live directly from the Liberadio(!) Blog Talk Radio web page (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liberadio) and, when finished, are archived automatically and made available at Liberadio.com, iTunes, and other RSS feed readers. More than 1.9 million listeners tuned into BlogTalkRadio in December.

"After every Monday morning show on WRVU, there is still so much to talk about," says Liberadio(!) senior producer and co-host, Mary Mancini, "We look forward to continuing the conversation with our listeners and special guests every weekday."

Liberadio(!) on BlogTalkRadio will debut Wednesday, July 1, with local election integrity activist Bernie Ellis, who was recently investigated for making "terrorist threats" by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at the behest of the Secretary of State.

Upcoming guests also include P.J Tobia, a journalist based in Afghanistan; Betsy Phillips, author of the blog Tiny Cat Pants, contributor to the Nashville Scene's blog, Pith in the Wind, and upcoming guest blogger at Feministe; Nashville Metro Councillady Emily Evans; Teddy Bart, author and Beyond Reason host; Steve Scarborough, environmental activist and proprietor of RoaneViews.com; and Bob Moser, author of "Blue Dixie: Awakening The South's Democratic Majority."

"Since the terrestrial radio landscape for commercial talk is almost all conservative all the time in our local market," says producer and co-host, Freddie O'Connell. "It's been important for us to embrace the Web and online media. This is just one more step in our "Screw You Guys, We're Doing It Ourselves" business model.

To listen to the Liberadio(!) on BlogTalkRadio, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liberadio every Tuesday through Friday at 9:00 am (CT). To call-in and join the conversation, dial (347) 677-0660.

Since Mary Mancini & Freddie O'Connell began broadcasting together in 2004, they have been voted one of Nashville's "Best Radio Personalities" in the Nashville Scene's Best of Nashville Readers’ Poll three times. In April of this year, they were named to Talkers Magazine's "Frontier Fifty," a list of 50 talk radio acts that best represent "the important pioneering work taking place in the burgeoning world of internet talk media." For more information, please contact us at 615-480-4678 or visit the website at www.liberadio.com.