Sunday, June 14, 2009

Newscoma has a great post up about rural communities and services

I did sort of prompt it by sending this column by John Brummett of the Arkansas News to my list this morning, halfway hoping she would take it and run with it. Did she ever:

Of course, there used to be about 30 small schools all over this county back years ago. The compromise, over a particular contentious period of time split the county into fragments, was keeping four schools open and closing two. The two schools that closed in very small towns has impacted those communities.

Now as we fast forward 17 years into the future, the lines continue to blur. Brumment brings up something that has always happened. More highly populated areas are obviously going to get money from the federal and state governments. That’s a reality and it is what it is and what it always has been.

But he writes about a plan from the Delta Regional Authority in Arkansas that cites there is a plan afoot putting emphasis on “quality of place” instead of the old adage of quality of life.

Go read the rest of it!