Friday, June 05, 2009

Now I've done it...

I am starting a new project in response to the idiocy in Nashville, a resource designed to ensure that you know where to get a meal in this state without worrying if a firefight is going to break out or not.


megany09 said...

That's great! I'm following. I'll keep an eye out for signs.

CalGal said...

As a California transplant to the South, all this gun #@$%& is puzzling. I wouldn't trust most of the gun totin' yahoos in my town to dine near me while they're packin'. What makes these people think they are qualified to assess a situation and respond with a gun?

Thank you for taking action. I am thrilled to read that there are others below the Mason/Dixon who understand there is another world where guns, gays, and abortion aren't what makes the sun rise. How about jobs, healtcare and education, hum?

My blog partner, "Magnolia," and I are fledgling bloggers on the same topics from an insider and outsider POV. We try to use humor and personal experiences to expose the rural south that we know.

Thanks for letting me join in the conversation. CalGal

Randal Cooper said...

I'd think this project could do well with a Google Map of all of 'em, as they come in.

Steve Steffens said...

Sir, given the brilliance of your BBQ Map, could I ask for your assistance on creating one?

MickeyWhite said...

It will save us the trouble of compling a list of place Not To Go To. Thanks

autoegocrat said...

You can carry a gun into every bar or restaurant in every state that borders Tennessee except North Carolina. I don't remember seeing any shootouts the last time I paid a visit to Earl's Hot Biscuits in West Memphis. Nobody ever had a problem dining out of state previous to the passage of this law.

I think this is one of those issues that generates more heat than light.

Joe in Midtown said...

So there already seems to be 2 distinct camps:
1. Those who will only frequent bars who allow them to go armed in anticipation of an incident of violent, which they can respond to with their highly honed gun handling skills, saving the lives of their family members and other bar patrons.
2. Those who would rather dine out or have a drink without the threat of a gun carrying citizen shooting them because they were holding their burger in a threatening way.

Anonymous said...

When law-abiding citizens in Chicago (or presumably memphis, Los Angeles or any other locale, big or small) cannot protect themselves with a weapon hear on the news of a 15 year old boy who wanted to go to school only to be followed, harrassed, kidnapped, murdered and BURNED by gun-toting gang-bangers, something is seriously wrong somewhere. Why can't someone who obeys the law, works honorably and pays taxes that fund endless numbers of social intervention programs (minus the allegedly usual take from the "Democratic" machine) simply buy a modest handgun to protect themselves from others who are so nihilistic that they would murder and burn a kid for wanting to--gasp!--read and write? I used to be for reasonable gun control, but not so much any more.

Anonymous said...

It is not the restaurant or bar where people don't feel safe,it is the walk to and from the parking lot or parking garage.

Guess people could try carrying pepper spray and hope the weather forecast is for no wind.

Don't worry about the people who are licensed to carry,worry about the ones who aren't who carry.

Austin Farley said...

Over the last several years I have been in EMS I have made ONE shooting, just ONE and it was self-defense. I have made countless scenes where the weapons were fists, vehicles and other items. Go check the stats for causes of death in this nation. Motor vehicles should have been outlawed years ago. As statistics show gun carry permit holders are extremely responsible citizens and should be treated as such. Blood will not flow in the streets as expected.

Anonymous said...

Fredric Koeppel of all people has a Monty-Pythonish take on the new rule over at his blog.

Anonymous said...