Friday, March 12, 2010

Chuck Norris turned 70 this week

But he can still fight a bear to a draw, never forget that.

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captainkona said...

Norris may be an asshat, but I was watching some old footage of him fighting against Joe Lewis in traditional Karate competition the other day.
He made Lewis, who went on to be PKA Heavyweight champion, look like a hapless child.

Chuck was good, real good in the day. I weigh 255 lbs, bench over 350, squat nearly 600...I would still have second thoughts about tangling with Chuck even though he's 20 years my senior.

Too bad he's on the doofus end of the political spectrum. It, much like Ted Nugent, makes it difficult respect them even with the immense talent.
Their accomplishments, however, are impossible to ignore.