Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Coffee Time In Tennessee!

As John Ward might say...

STP and Jackson Baker remind us that the first Memphis-area Coffee Party meeting is TODAY at 2:30 PM at Otherlands at 641 Cooper Street. I intend to be there, what say YOU?

 From Jackson's piece:

"MEMPHIS, TN —Today Coffee Party USA, a new grassroots effort that has captured the attention of the nation, announced it will hold a community event at OTHERLANDS COFFEE BAR, 641 COOPER ST. AT 2:30 PM as part of National Coffee House Day on March 13, 2010.
"In the midst of growing frustration with the political climate of the country, the grassroots movement Coffee Party USA has declared March 13, 2010, National Coffee House Day, during which Americans across the country will meet at coffee houses and around kitchen tables to facilitate informative and civil dialogue about a myriad of issues. This diverse and non-partisan organization has drawn members from all walks of life who wish to regain their civic pride and have a strong desire to contribute to the political discourse that is the basis of our democracy.

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Jim Maynard said...

I hope the "Coffee Party" talks will translate into ACTION to hold the Democratic Party and Obama responsible for selling out to the insurance companies and screwing the grassroots movement that elected him.

The first thing Obama did was meet with the Insurance and drug companies to cut a deal with them to take single-payer AND a "public option" off the table. This whole talk of a "public option" was a charade to try to placate the democratic base, and turns out the White House has been working behind the scenes all along to KILL IT.

It will take a mass left/populist movement, including loud protests not just holding hands and talking, to push the Democratic Party away from the corporate elite they are pandering to.

Obama said we had to FORCE him to do the right thing, and we didn't, so we are partly to blame I guess....But it's not too late, I hope.