Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kim? Mike? Can we talk?

Ok, so maybe I over-reacted a tad when I found myself abandoned by my gubernatorial candidate last month.  I'm sure you can understand that here was a Shelby County guy giving us RED MEAT in his speeches, he seemed to be doing quite well, and then he bailed.

All righty then.  I have decided at this time NOT to endorse either of you, not because I'm going over to THAT side, but because, well, I have decided to ask you both to tell me why I should vote for one over the other in the August Democratic primary.

That's right, court me.

First, some apologies are in order on my part.

Kim, I apologize for calling you "Bredesen in a skirt", you should have punched me for that, but you didn't.  You have certainly proven otherwise, to my delight.

Mike, sorry for referring to you as NOT NED RAY.  I can only imagine that, while he is a big inspiration to you (as he has always been to all of us), but that's a hell of shadow you have to deal with, and that wasn't fair.

OK, now that that's out of the way, here's what I would like to hear from both of you:

First, tell us how you're going to LEAD Tennessee.  We have had 16 years of managers in the Republicans Sundquist and Bredesen (at least Sundquist tried to get us an income tax) and we need a LEADER.  You still have to manage, but you've got to lead and inspire.  Sorry, but this is the party that you've chosen and that's what I expect.  It CAN be done, as it was from 1987-1995. (Oops, there's that damn shadow again, sorry.)

Tell me why you are a Big D Democrat, tell me why you can LEAD this state as well as manage it, DIFFERENTIATE yourself from those boring-to-idiotic fellows on the other side of the divide. GIVE ME A REASON TO BELIEVE, as Rod Stewart once sang.

Remember, this is NOT the general, this is the PRIMARY, and you have to SOLIDIFY and WIN OVER your base.  And despite what those Blue Dog schmucks may tell you, I am your base, as 40% of the August Democratic vote will come from right here, and it's yours for the taking.

Kim, you've got guts, get in somebody's face (preferably Haslam's) and challenge him as to just how a rich boy who inherited everything can relate to the average Tennessean compared to an adopted child who has busted her butt for all she's gotten.

Mike, you need to remind people that you EARNED your business empire, and built it YOURSELF, as opposed to Mr. Pilot Oil.

Both of you need to attack the GOP as hard as you can; let them know that while the state desperately needs jobs, the Gooper-led General Assembly is too worried about an income tax that can never pass or make sure everyone over the age of 2 can pack when going into a restaurant.

Yes, I just gave you the out on the income tax, and no, I don't like it. Sigh.

Anyway, each of you are invited to our Drinking Liberally meeting on a Wednesday night (Kim's already been here once, Mike, you need to show up, too)  and we will enjoy hearing from each of you.

It's a long way to August, and I am undecided, win me over.  Then we can go kick Haslam's ass in a spirit of unity!

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