Thursday, March 25, 2010

I STILL want to buy wine in a grocery store

I have written on this before at the Memphis Flyer, and I refer you to that today, that explains why I believe this is important and why I believe the liquor wholesalers are wrong.  Look, when I want something Fancy, I will always go to Buster's, and I think they ought to be able to sell beer and I think some of the restrictions about where they can locate need to be loosened, that's a fair trade.

Remember folks, one can buy wine in a convenience store in Trumann, Arkansas, population 7,000, but not in Memphis, Tennessee, population 650,000.  That is wrong on more levels than I can count.

But i want to be able to go Kroger's and buy wine if I want to or need to, and if I want to buy wine on Sunday afternoon, I should be able to do so.  Go read my piece from last year, it is still relevant.


Mr. Mack said...

In your other post, you say that the big box chains will be able to use their own distribution network, but, the entire law would have to be changed to allow that, right? I f Kroger can buy directly from suppliers, then a liquor store should be able to as well.

Anonymous said...

I ought to be able to buy wine OR liquor (or weed, for that matter) right in the middle of every Baptist preacher's Sunday best, because we're not supposed to have establishment of religion in this nation; but I've read the opinions of the appellate judges who say it isn't religion, it's established culture or some sh...stuff like that. I can't say more about that until I retire.