Sunday, July 02, 2006

As promised, your Charter Commission recommendations..

POSITION 1 - Willie Brooks - He's really the only person I am familiar with in that race, and he did a decent job on the School Board, so I am supporting him.

POSITION 2 - John Malmo - This is an interesting race, with people like formaer Time Warner exec Dean Deyo, the legendary Jack Eaton, and Bill Boyd
. As much as I would relish the idea of a bomb-thrower like Jack Eaton on this body, we really need somebody who has great creativity. I am supporting Malmo.

POSITION 3 - Pick 'em - I just can't make up my mind here. Anyone who is spending as much money as Darrell K. Thomas for this position makes me very nervous; who's behind him and WHY? Sherman Perkins Kilimanjaro? No. Rome Withers? Maybe. I don't know anyone else, so no endorsement.

POSITION 4 - Howard Richardson - There are lots of good people here, from former Councilmen Fred Davis and Buck Wellford to Janis Fullilove, but I have seen Richardson at work for the SCDP, and I am impressed.

POSITION 5 - Mary Wilder - Branston would have been good here, as would former Supreme Court Justice George Brown. However, we have no women yet, and Mary Wilder has been tireless in her neighborhood association and understands city problems and would provide a great voice on this body.

POSITION 6 - Paul Shaffer - Passing over Reginald Tate is only justified by the presence of IBEW Business Manager Paul Shaffer, whom you know as a STRONG Democrat and labor leader. I have known him for many years, and his time has come.

POSITION 7 - Myron Lowery - Are you kidding? No one else comes close in this race; Myron will provide needed perspective, and he is VERY open to change.

As always, YMMV.


BraveCordovaDem said...

Malmo Creative? I know he was creative in getting Chandler and Hackett elected and other Republicans if I recall but is he creative in this task? I had a short discussion with him a month or so ago and my impression was clear and that is a resounding NO! He's a hack of the old crowd.

Clean Up Memphis said...

Myron Lowery in 7? Are YOU kidding??? CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

My picks so far are:

Position 2: Sylvia Cox
Position 5: Larry Henson
Position 6: Perry Steele

RAM said...

I disagree with many of your picks for the new charter commission. Here are my picks:

Position 1: Horace Jones
Position 2: Silvia Cox
Position 3: Jim Daugherty
Position 4: Stanley Tyler
Position 5: Larry Henson
Position 6: Paul Shaffer
Position 7: Anthony Milton

From the above, we have female, male, black, white, old, and young. None of these people seems to have a hidden agenda. They are all normal citizens who care about the city. These "named" folks such as Lowry, Malmo, Wilder, etc. we don't need. We need regular citizens. That's what the charter commission is for.