Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I should have known better...

than to get in the middle of a Gooper primary battle, but I did, and now all hell is busting loose.

As you may have know, I decided to root for Jim Coley in House District 97, because I have known him through mutual friends for years. One of his opponents, Austin Farley, was even proud that I had endorsed Coley, because, I, well, how do I say this, am a..


You know, one of those people who believes in equal opportunity for all, even if they are immigrants (my great-grandfather was one once, from Poland in 1865), which of course makes me a


The folks in the Farley camp have been visiting the site, and why not, it's a good one. However, SOMEONE involved in their campaign (and I have my suspicions, which I have made known) took part of the blog where I announced my support for Coley, and took part of the post where I attacked the anti-gay marriage position, and combined them, along with the picture from up in the corner, made copies, and distributed them apparently with the intent of suggesting that Coley shared my position on gay marriage, which HE DOES NOT.

This, as you can imagine, pissed me off. I hate getting lawyers involved, because 999 times out of 1000, it complicates things. However, if this does not stop, I will get them involved.

Mr. Farley, as a first-time candidate, let this be a lesson that you need to pay more attention as to what's being done on your behalf, because it reflects on YOU. I am certainly willing to believe that you had nothing to do with this; however, SOMEONE supporting you is behind this, and it had better stop.



PeskyFly said...

May I take this as a nomination for the next installment of TFT's Fucktard of the Week?

Vote Ethics said...

This is at least his second go round. He ran against Tre as an independant two years ago. Farley is nothing but a racist, and makes the GOP look bad. I knew when you backed Coley he would try something like this. His supporters have been the primary ones distributing a fake GOP sample ballot that has the Republican logo on it, suggesting that the party is backing him in a primary.