Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The 'Cue's first PODCAST!

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Wow. It was a GREAT time and I really want you to listen to the stream or download it to your computer or mp3 player. Thanks to all who participated and to the tech crew...

On Sunday, July 9th, 2006, the recording of the very first session of The 'Cue was produced. Seven local, liberal bloggers gathered around a table and talked politics. The seven included West Tennessee Liberal, The Pesky Fly, Wintermute, Brassmask, The Freedonian, MemphisBlue and LeftWingCracker.

The discussion ranged from local politics to national, from personal mindsets to Memphian mentalities. Harold Ford Jr, Steve Cohen, Nikki Tinker, Ed Stanton. All these names were mentioned and more. This is must-listen material.

Here now is that conversation.

The 'Cue Podcast (streaming)

The 'Cue Podcast (download)

Running Time: 62 minutes

We welcome all comments.

Special hat tip to BT at Debategate.com for the podcast hosting! Check it out!


kibitzer said...

Inasmuch as I'm totally immersed in writing a cover story right now and am racing the clock, I won't have time to hear the podcast before some time tomorrow. But I'm sure it's wonderful, and I look forward to it. Congratulations to all involved!

Blinders Off said...

Politicians BEWARE political bloggers have a new weapon called “podcast”. For people like me who want to be informed on candidates before I vote, this is the best thing to happen in politics. I agree with a lot you all had to say. There may be many people who will turn this into a race thing here in Shelby County, but I and I am sure many others do not see it that way. My only request is if CPL visits Memphis invite her to the table. I do have one question…What is the Green Party?

David Holt said...


Why not ask them?


mike said...

One the one hand, congratulations.

On the other, though, I have to laugh that "Memphis first blogger podcast" is six white guys and a white girl. A similar right-leaning endeavour would have been pilloried by y'all if it had the same complexion. And especially if you add the qualifier "liberal" to the description, it only gets worse.

Anyway, good job, fun show. Keep it up.

David Holt said...

Thanks for listening. We noticed the lack of diversity ourselves. Sadly, political blogs in general tend to be mostly white male. That was more of a practice run though, and we've already got a more varied line-up for next time. Plus, I'm sure Pam's voice is much easier on the ears than any of ours.

Anonymous said...

Some of the sentiments expressed in this particular podcast is an indication as to why the Democratic party seems destined for many more years in the political wilderness. One example: 'I'm going to cut off my nose, in order to spite my face' mentality, articulated by those who prefer to throw their vote away - by opting 'Green'.

I also found this remark indicative: "Political blogs in general tend to be mostly white male". This is a generalised statement. Perhaps this is a perception based on your own personal experience/sphere of communication. When considering the make-up of the next line-up... it would be wise for you to avoid tokenism. Diversity should incorporate differing opinions, as well as race and gender.

Whilst I generally favour podcasts, I was disappointed to hear the same well-worn talking points, doing the rounds. Sadly, there was also a whiff of self-congratulatory smugness and a few catty remarks e.g., "... cheapens the Democratic brand" And, what exactly is that, these days?

I think there needs to be more open discussion, but you need to ensure that you are not merely talking amongst yourselves. On this showing, in my opinion, I would award you 5/10; nothing particularly fresh, discourse/analysis minimal and, seemingly entrenched viewpoints.

As far as Congressman Harold Ford Jr is concerned, I believe it is simplistic to assert that he is ignoring or taking his base/Shelby County/Memphis for granted. Surely, it is patently obvious that he has to win over the rest of TN, in order to stand a reasonable chance!

Hopefully, your next podcast will be truly representative and objective. If you manage to accomplish this, I think it will be a good thing.