Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It just dawned on me that I had not made any endorsements in the State and Federal primaries, other than the obvious one. I now seek to rectify this oversight.

GOVERNOR - John Jay Hooker

I know, he's older than Methuselah and he has only one issue, but he is RIGHT about campaign finance reform. You know that I believe that Phil Bredesen is nothing short of a murderer with his TennCare cuts, and I cannot and will not support him, now or in the future. I have had good Democrats tell me that he has done everything possible to save TennCare, and some people are just going to have to die. However, none of them seem to want to volunteer to do so for the sake of the program, so WE NEED TO PUT INCOME TAXES ON THOSE WILLIAMSON COUNTY BLOODSUCKERS SO WE CAN PROPERLY FUND TENNCARE. Rant over.

US SENATE - Jim Maynard (Write-In)

Yeah, I know, he only has one issue, too, or so you think. Actually, he's very close to where the Democrats used to be, and need to return in order to win elections. You know how I feel about Little Harold, that is not an option, as I only vote for Democrats.

STATE SENATE District 29 - Steve Haley

I like Ophelia Ford, and if she is the nominee, could support her again. She is well-meaning, and my sources tell me she was a quick study and worked hard. So why not vote to send her back? Simply put, she just carries too much baggage, and this election saga (which I remain convinced she had NO part of) will follow her around like the Flying Dutchman as long as she is in Nashville.

Steve Haley is a good solid Democrat as well, and is conducting a "Front Porch Campaign" as a protest over the way elections are run these days, with too much money being required to run for ANY office. He will donate his salary to scholarships for students in the District, and will be an outstanding public servant.

STATE SENATE District 33 - Steve Webster

It seriously hurts me to have to endorse someone other than Kathryn Bowers, who I have respected and admired for years. You know why I can't, not until this Tennessee Waltz business is resolved. What I like about Webster's campaign is that he is spending his time talking about why he SHOULD be Senator, and not why anyone else should NOT, so he is my choice.

STATE HOUSE District 84 - Joe Towns

Now that he has returned to his senses and is running for re-election, I believe he has served his South Memphis and Whitehaven district well, and deserves to be returned to Nashville.

STATE HOUSE District 85 - Larry Turner

Again, a solid, thoughtful legislator who is always opposed in the primary, yet is returned due to his diligence on behalf of his district, and deservedly so.

STATE HOUSE District 87 - Gary Rowe

He has been solid so far, let's give him a chance to prove himself in Nashville.

STATE HOUSE District 89 - Beverly Robison Marrero

She is a tiger when it comes to fighting for her district, and she's won the overwhelming respect of her colleagues. She MUST be returned.

STATE HOUSE District 91 - Lois Deberry

What on earth is Kavin Carter thinking? Yes, she boo-booed by taking that $200 at Tunica, but she has more power in Nashville than any other legislator, and we need to keep her there.

STATE HOUSE District 92 - Elbert Rich, Jr.

Elbert has toiled in obscurity doing yeoman work for Democrats all over town, and he would be the better choice to succeed Henri Brooks, whose name is unfortunately still on the ballot, even though her primary campaign is for County Commission. It's time for Elbert Rich to represent this Midtown and South Memphis district.

I don't know either Eric P. Jones or Mike "Cotton" Young, who are both running for the Democratic Nomination in District 99 (Northeast Shelby County), so no recommendations will be made.


Jim Maynard said...

Thanks for the endorsement Cracker, but I have more than one issue! Besides gay rights, I support universal health insurance (and education!), ending the U.S. illegal occupation of Iraq, separation of church and state, campaign finance reform (public financing), etc. etc.

It's all on my website

LeftWingCracker said...

Now, I qualified that and noted that your positions were where the party OUGHT to be.....

Tony Gottlieb said...

Beverly Marrero, frequently wrong but never in doubt. Particularly when it come to children and family issues we need individuals elected who have the intellectual capacity for handling the serious complexities of the state's legal code. Accusing people of being un-Christian because she disagrees with their position philosphically undermines her credibility and as a result, she has become a laughing stock of the State Legislature. She is not a good choice for re-election

soandsodem said...

To Jim - I worry that offering universal health insurance and education would encourage distant planet life forms to move to our planet. A few already reside in the Bush White House.

kiljoyhardluck said...

Right on Tony Beverly hasn't fought for crap for her district much less anything else seems shes just Cohens pony after Cohen gets elected lets get rid of her!!!!

LeftWingCracker said...

Ah, the DADS are here........