Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm back, tired, and grumpy, however...

I've been on the road for two days after a terrific vacation, and I need to be washing clothes. However, I am making two endorsements in the REPUBLICAN primary (Gasp! Shock! Quel Horreur!).

In District 97, where I don't believe we have a candidate, I am supporting JIM COLEY for State Representative. Coley, a Bartlett resident and teacher at Hamilton High School, is far and away the best candidate in the race. His opponents are Charles Thomas Pitman, of whom I have no knowledge, and Austin Farley, he of "Political Cesspool" fame.

I have known Coley for many years, and he represents what the Republican party USED to stand for, conservative, WELL-RUN fiscal management. Go click on the link to learn more about Farley.

My other endorsement applies only to the GOP 9th District Primary, because, well, go look at the COHEN button on the blogroll. While Tom Guleff is not my choice in the fall, I like the way he is running his campaign. He is taking NO campaign contributions and is doing things the right way. To do this as a Republican in this day and age deserves applause, and I am willing to provide it.



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John Harvey said...

I'm helping Tom Guleff. He is a class act.

MickeyWhite said...

Hey Lefty, I am taking NO money also.