Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Christian Progressive Liberal smacks down Little Harold

She had been away from blogging while she relocated from Oakland to DC, but she is back with a vengeance over at the Pesky Fly. Today, she asks the question, "What Are You Offering, Harold?"

Here's a taste, but go read ALL of it:

You don't engage in outreach to your opposition unless you have something to offer that your opponents might be interested in. I want to know what is Harold offering that could persuade any of us to change our minds about him.

Is he offering to vote like a real Democrat? Is he offering not to act ashamed of being affiliated with the Democratic party?

Is he offering to change his mind on issues that matter like school vouchers, infant mortality rates, affordable housing, improving the environment and sponsoring legislation to offset the effects of global warming, and advocate for social justice issues?

Is he offering to apologize for voting like a well-trained ReThug?

Is he offering to quit insulting our intelligence and explain his voting record without sounding like the second coming of Joe Lieberman? Is he offering to start listining to us, his base?


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