Friday, May 11, 2007

Chris D. Jackson has a new blog!

While our state's YOUNGEST elected official and I have not agreed at all about the former Congressman of the 9th District, we do tend to agree on a lot of other things.

So, why not pop by
here for a visit?


TN420 said...

General consensus is that I despise the cat, but I really don't.
He has talent, and what pisses me off is that instead of doing something productive with it, he's been content to shill for the worst excuse for a Democrat since Zell Miller.

His new blog looks good. No Ford, no shill, just informative truth.

Works for me.

leftwingcarolinablue said...

Is it at all possible to give earnest thanks to someone barely out of high school for caring enough to at least write something? That takes energy, commitment and not a small dose of "damn the torpedoes, full blog ahead!" Most people his or any other age simply sit and wait for the undertaker.

TN420 said...


I absolutely agree. Yes it is possible and I do so now.

I yearn to give Jackson credit and support. I've been at odds with him only because of his support for Ford.

I wrote to him in the past that he should dump Ford and stop wasting his talent. I don't know if he has dumped Ford or not, but he's lookin' good at the moment.
I don't wish to be overly arrogant and assume he took my advice, but I want to see him rise above Ford and I would love to think that I influenced such a decision. LWC has done a great thing (heart of gold, he has) by remaining open to Chris and I intend to follow his example.

If he'll abandon Jr and move left, I'll do anything I can to support him.

Chris D. Jackson said...

Thanks for the comments fellas. I appreciate it.

I think you will find that we indeed have more common ground than anything else.

Why we may disagree about Ford, we are united on some many other important issues, and we need to focus on that.

I want to be part of the change.

I hope we can all work together. I look forward to it.

TN420 said...

Welcome home, little brother. :)

LeftWingCracker said...

Indeed, Commissioner, welcome back!

Sharon Cobb said...

When I started talking with Chris, I thought he was a seasoned politico.
When he told me he was 18, I couldn't believe it.
He turned up at every event I was covering, and I'd turn around and see him talking with Al Gore and Joe Biden and of course, Harold.
I know how a lot of us feel about Harold, but as liberals/progressives/democrats, we should all nurture Mr.Jackson.
He's got a very bright future. Let's help him get there.
(He brings out my motherly instincts)

Chris D. Jackson said...

Awww...thanks Sharon. You are too great.

How are you doing these days? Can you believe it has been two years since we met now? Time flies doesn't it?

Hope you are doing great!

Thanks again for all the comments guys!

Sharon Cobb said...

Two years? Well, it seems like yesterday that I met you, but it seems like an eternity because of Bush.
You have a unique position of cutting your teeth in politics while the worst President in American history is in office.
We need people like you who care and want to make a difference and a change.
Will I see you at the Gore family event in August? Make sure and say "Hi" to me if you attend this year.
Keep up the great work!