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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Senator Ford explains her medical problems

Sharon Cobb has received an unedited press release from Senator Ophelia Ford regarding her physical problems, please go here to read it.

Then come back and tell me what you think...


TN420 said...

Hope she feels better, but if this is intended to be an excuse for her disgraceful behavior during session I don't see the correlation.

'Coma said...

I don't think it's anemia in the least.

'Coma said...

Well crap, I screwed that up. Just go to Kleinheiders place. He has the story on her allegedly going into rehab.

Blinders Off said...

It is obvious something is wrong with Ophelia. She needs to understand her health is more important than a position and I hope she realizes that before it’s too late. I can relate to her not wanting to give up her job because she is sick. Many people had to make the painful admission of being too sick to work and walk away from a position. I hope she do what is best for her before it is too late.

I live with some of the symptoms Ophelia is experiencing and if the fatigue, numbness, headaches, and weakness she is describing is anything like MS fatigue, numbness, headaches, and weakness (which I believe it is), then there is no way she can perform her duties in the best interest of her constituents on a full time basis.

There are medications to control the symptoms, but they have side effects that can interfere with your thought process sometimes. The interviews aired on television displays her state of mind…some people say she was inebriated (I thought it myself), but medication can have that type of reaction on a person. One example,the drug used to treat fatigue, Provigil 200mg,(speed) works, but have a side effects that keep you up for days (the longest for me was four days straight) then you need to take a sleeping aid to get some sleep. Provigil also take away your appetite and if a person who is on it do not adjust the medication to their individual need, you begin to display behavior like she did at her last General Assembly appearance where she appeared to be talking in circles.

Finally, many medications prescribed to chronically ill people can become addictive if the person is not careful.