Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OK, this is really embarrassing.

As you know, your faithful Cracker stood up for Senator Ophelia Ford during her travails with her original election, where she won by 13 votes. I am all too familiar with GOP attempts to disenfranchise minorities by whining "voter fraud", so I backed her efforts to stay in the Senate.

However, last year, I openly supported my friend Steve Haley when he tried to unseat her in the primary. When she won, I supported her as the Democratic nominee.

As you are aware, she has been absent most of this session, she says it's anemia, others have been less charitable. However, she made an appearance yesterday at a subcommittee meeting of the House-Senate Government Operations Committee in which she asked questions that did not appear to be related to the task at hand, oversight of the Department of Children's Services. The local fishwrap has a story and transcript here.

However, to truly get the full effect, you need to watch this video (H/T to Kleinheider at VV/WKRN). She really needs help, folks, if she has loved ones who read this blog, please see that she gets it. Not only does she deserve it, so do her constituents, who really have not had full representation since John Ford was indicted.

I don't want to kick anyone when they are down, as I would love to see her recover and be the Senator we all hoped she could be. She sure isn't now, and it shows.

OK, I finally got the embed to work, here it is:


Ian said...

one has to wonder, how drunk or hopped up on medication was she at the time of this hearing, because she certainly sounds like she threw back a couple of apple martinis before coming to the hearing.

Add on to it the fact she would openly insult the people who are trying to provide the answers to her questions, well it is disgusting. Try behaving like an adult, an elected official, and someone who deserves to be in office, not someone who is there just because of your last name.

Meg said...

I saw this, and the phone interview on Overreaction News 5 last night.

I clearly see that something is wrong, but I wish I knew the context of it. What were the childrens services people presenting ?