Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some time in the next week or so...

We will see the following: Ophelia Ford will be removed from her state Senate seat, despite the fact that the session is nearly over, because of problems with the special election that sent her there, and despite the fact that NONE of those problems have been directly tied to her campaign.

Next, the Republican majority on the Shelby County Commission will commit their last, desperate act of stupidity, and appoint Terry Roland to hold that seat. In so doing, the city's predominately Democratic African-American community is going to get really pissed off.

A majority of them may well not have voted for her, in the primary or the general special election, may have been upset at what they saw as an attempt to pass down that Senate seat.

However, it's one thing for THEM to determine whether she should represent them, it's another to have a bunch of old white men stick ANOTHER old white man in THEIR seat, against their will!

Never mind that Terry Roland didn't win that seat, either, losing by 13 votes; to force him on the District 29 electorate involuntarily is an act of arrogance and stupidity that will only help Democratic candidates in the upcoming county elections.

If they have any brains at all, they will select someone who's either A) Democratic or B) independent, but especially C) someone who is NOT a filed candidate for that seat this year.

That way, the residents of District 29 will decide (more decisively this time) this November who their Senator will be, and here's a hint: it WON'T be Terry Roland.

Which, of course, is what they fear.


SgtLarry said...

And never mind that Ophelia didn't LEGALLY win the seat. Whether her campaign can be tied to the fact that dead people and felons voted is IRRELEVANT! The votes didn't count!!!

Actually, I wish they would appoint Mongo to fill out the term.

No matter, I'm voting for Haley in the primary.

polar donkey said...

I still think this is about making political hay in the rest of the state. The story is framed as "Corrupt machine Ford machine gets caught stealing elections." Whether that is accurate or not is irrelevant. I just sows another seed of doubt in the minds of voters when Harold Ford Jr's name shows up on the ballot in November.

Evil said...

Mr. Donkey,

For once you and I agree.

Brassmask said...

There is nothing in this post that I can find that I disagree with the Cracker on.

Is there any possibility of the GOP putting Roland or some operative in Ophelia's seat and then figuring out some way to keep her out of the upcoming race?

Personally, I'm confounded. As much as I don't like the Ford dynasty, I really don't want rich, white guys representing a district that they aren't going to give their all to.