Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh, so you think I'M fanning the flames?????

Y'all need to go to Pesky's site, and read the posts about Kurita's departure and the Party as it is right now and then read the comments. I'm jealous!


David Holt said...

Good stuff there. I'm jealous as well.

PeskyFly said...

We've got our muckraking down to a science.

By the way Dave, next time I see you bothering the talent at Cafe Francisco I'm gonna buy you a cuppa joe.

You hang there, I hang there, I'm pretty sure Len of Dark Bilious Vapors hangs there... So many good Democrats hanging out at a staunchly Republican coffee house. How did that ever happen?

David Holt said...

I bow to your superior muckraking skills. I can only hope to one day rouse half the rabble that you can.

Have your people give my people your schedule. There's nothing I won't do for a free food. :-) Have we seen each other there? I've only been there a few times. *racks his tired brain*

LeftWingCracker said...

Pesky, the last time I saw you was at that joint at the Unity Breakfast!

You've got what, FIVE killer bloggers over there? I try to keep up..... :)

David Holt said...

Pesky is like a big corporate blogger. :-) And I can't even look at blogs at work. I read my sitemeter, Cracker. You blog at work you slacker. How is a hardworking blogger, like myself to keep up with all this?

polar donkey said...

Today was a good day. Sometimes it's right to actually have fights and get people's views out. This flame war spread like wildfire, as well it should have.

PeskyFly said...

Yes Dave,
I tried to get you a cup of coffee a couple of weeks back but you and I were both bleary-eyed, and I don't think you caught on. I had the twins, and you were chatting up the songstress who was playing guitar, preventing me from chatting up the songstress who was playing guitar, further preventing me from being able to find out who she was and if we were listing her in the Flyer.

And I'd hardly call TFT corporate. Although we're all capitalists (as far as I know) it's much more of a commune.

DONKEY: DAMN STRAIGHT! These kinds of fights are what Plato would call "the dialectic." Without them we can't strive toward perfection. That's why people who hate primaries are, in my opinion, stone cold bufroons.