Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chuck Schumer, you got what you wanted,

You son of a bitch.

Rosalind Kurita, who was blocked at every turn by the DC establishment, ESPECIALLY the DSCC, which in turn killed her fund-raising chances, is apparently withdrawing from the US Senate race, according to the CA and the Flyer.

I was worried about this all along. She needed to be able to go on TV to push her chances, and now the only hope the Democratic Party had of electing a US Senator in Tennessee in November is GONE.

Fuck you, Schumer.


Brassmask said...

Write her in. I will be.

David Holt said...


LeftWingCracker said...


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

We have a Lawn Jockey Award waiting for you know who and we plan to give it to him personally during CBC Legislative Weekend.

We will wipe the Bush-like smirk off his face.

I can't tell you what level of "Lawn Jockey" award he's getting. Depending on the voting it could be anywhere from Lawn Jockey to Stepin' Fetchit.

He's still gonna lose in November. Another move by the DSCC Capo.

When is he up for re-election, so we can return the favor he did for Rosalind Kurita? Jr. gets away with not debating her, probably b/c he knew Schumer was pulling another "Paul Hackett"...

LeftWingCracker said...

We HAVE to have pictures of that momentous occasion.

We need to get Spitzer to start grooming someone to go after Chucky, seeing how Chucky tried to get Suozzi), (who's actually
NOT a bad guy)in the NY GOV race against Spitzer.

You are a delight, I can hardly wait for the pictures!

Evil said...

Wow, I would think some Democrats from Memphis would want a Democrat from Memphis to win a U.S. Senate seat.

Cracker, I know you say he can't win, well he's got a lot better shot than Kurita.


Because he'll be on the ballot.

LeftWingCracker said...

yes, he will be on the ballot, and yes, he'll be the party nominee, now.

There will be a lot of people around the state of Tennessee who will smile, shake his hand, and tell him he's a good guy and not at all like the rest of his family.

And then they will go and vote for the Republican nominee because they just can't pull the lever for, well, they don't really want to say, but.......

Not only that, he has turned his back on the his constituency, and he runs as if he is ashamed to be a Democrat.

Kurita couldn't raise money because the DSCC deliberately ignored her and directed donors to Ford.

Schumer is on my shit list and I want Spitzer to send someone after him the next time he's up!

Besides, the way Ford has voted as a Congressman, he sure as hell doesn't act like a Democrat!

Evil said...

So you're of the opinion that if he'd just be more liberal and partisan he'd have a better shot at winning a Senate seat in Tennessee? Really?

LeftWingCracker said...

Remember the words of Harry S Truman, who noted that if you only give people a choice between a warmed-over Republican and a REAL Republican, they'll take the real one every time.

For God's sake, I'm not asking him to perform gay weddings or argue for free abortion on demand for women OR men, I just wanted him to stand up against the war and point out the obvious. Is that too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask that he not vote for a bankruptcy bill that hurt his constituency more than any other in the state? Does he HAVE to kiss every corporate ass in the US? This is why we need total public financing of elections.

If that' too much to ask, then there is NO HOPE for the Democratic Party in Tennessee.

Brassmask said...

Let me say it plainly. I'd rather have a liberal than a democrat in the mold of Ford Jr.

I don't give on good god damn if being more conservative would help him win as a D.

If the guy has a D behind his name and goes around supporting Bush and talking up the war, then that's a Republican. The Dems are too watered and wishy washy trying to bend to what the Reps are saying is popular. BS!

If I have to choose between a Real Rep or a Fake Rep, I'll choose neither, thanks.

autoegocrat said...

Cracker, I'm really glad we're on the same page here.

Milton said...

Just a quick note: someone made a comment about there being no hope for Democrats in Tennessee. You might want to notice that Democrats in Tennessee have the Governor's Office, a majority of the U.S. House delegation, and a majority in the state House.

In other words, we're doing pretty well -- without going all crazy liberal.

LeftWingCracker said...

Crazy liberal?

since WHEN is it crazy liberal to want a progressive income tax (with reduced or eliminated sales tax), which our Democratic House couldn't give us?

since WHEN is it crzay liberal to want a health-care service that delivers to EVERYONE and isn't cut by a Governor PRETENDING to be a Democrat, sending thousands to possible death?

You, sir, have no clue what it means to be a REAL liberal because you haven't seen one recently.

A Democratic party without liberalism is a Party that is going the way of the Whigs..

polar donkey said...

Here is Ford's fundamental problem. He scarificed the interests of the constituents of the 9th congressional district for his own political advancement. He didn't have a right to move his voting in the congress to the right in a deliberate attempt to make himself more appealing to conservative voters in the central and eastern part of the state. Are Ford supporters able to say that Ford is not a panderer. I'd like to see that argument made.

Ford supporters know he is a panderer and you know what showed it. That Port security commercial he ran. For two weeks the port deal issue raged. He didn't run that add until 4 days before the republicans killed the deal. Then he kept the ad up for several days longer. If he would have run that ad a week earlier it could have appeared less oprotunistic, but because he is a spineless panderer, he didn't and the ad only contributed to perception he is weak.

I challenge Ford supporters to explain to us why we should vote for him without using the spectre of republican boogey men. Leftwing Cracker, the folks at Pesky Fly, and myself have been specificly explaining why we don't want Ford for a year. I want Ford supporters to specificly explain why they want him.

Anonymous said...

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