Friday, April 28, 2006

Would someone care to explain this to me?

Being the Cracker, and having a decent-sized email list, I get things from all the 9th District candidates, which is fine.

However, I received an email today from Ron Redwing's camp that contained something NOT okay.

I'll post the whole thing and see if you can't figure out what I'm talking about:

The Plan to Seek Clarity out of Confusion

WHEREAS in the Ninth (9th) Congressional Race, we have multiple candidates.

Many of the Candidates are not known well enough to be elected and will only divide the vote. For the first time in thirty (30) years Memphis could be without African-American representation in the U. S. Congress.

Ron will be involved in a forum hosted by the Memphis Baptist Minesterial Association and other political and civic organizations. They have held political forums with the objecitve of listening to the various candidates and conducting straw votes in search of a consensus Candidate for the 9th Congressional Race.

We need YOUR help and show of support for our Future Congressman, Ron Redwing! The next forum will be held Sunday April 30,2006 at Springdale Baptist Church located at 1193 Springdale St. Memphis, Tn. 38108. Pastor Derrick J. Hughes residing . The Forum starts promptly at 7:00pm.

A straw vote will be taken at each Forum with results being reported to the public. All Candidates will be allowed to introduce themselves and their platforms. Each Candidate will be allowed to tell why they are running and what they hope to accomplish if elected. The audience will have a chance to question the Candidates and then vote for the Candidate of choice.

Please come out and join us along with our friend, "The Giant Killer" Willie Gary, Esq., to show support for THE only candidate deserving of the Congressional Seat, RON REDWING!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your vote.

OK. I know a lot of people around Ron Redwing and have worked along side them in campaigns, so I'm going to take this as an honest mistake.

However, this phrase For the first time in thirty (30) years Memphis could be without African-American representation in the U. S. Congress sounds bad to me.

At the risk of starting war, how is this ANY different from the 1950s, when Democratic candidates would scream the N word at political rallies in the South (not so much Tennessee, but our neighbors to the south and east)? Race-baiting is race-baiting, folks, whether intentional or not.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this is aimed at Senator Steve Cohen. That comment is just a more subtle version of a commercial I remember from the 1983 Chicago mayoral campaign, featuring Harold Washington against Bernard Epton. The tag line of the commercial was this:


That was wrong, and so is this.

Flame away!


David Holt said...

Amen, Steve!

kibitzer said...

Ron's language is almost identifical to that used by the Rev. LaSimba Gray when he started these recent "Survivor" forums to find the Right Black Candidate. Redwing has decided to exploit the same seam.

PeskyFly said...

Somehow the converse of this-- the idea of anyone building Steve Cohen up as the great white hope-- is very amusing to me.

But c'mon Steve--- this is Memphis, pick your race card up at Will Call. With Steve's record, how does a candidate like Ron get anywhere without giving in to baser rhetoric.

Freedonian said...

"Ron's language is almost identifical to that used by the Rev. LaSimba Gray"

It also reminds me of Sidney Chism's argument that no one should vote for a white Dem party chairman when there are "black candidates to choose from".

polar donkey said...

So Mr. Redwing, which black candidates should get out of the race? Let's have the names? Stanton, Bolton, Joe Ford Jr, Kyles? Why don't you first tell them to get of the race in public and then we'll talk about about your racist statement.

Actually, Cohen should be flattered. This shows that no one has any faith in Jake Ford running as an independent. At least we know Jake isn't a democrat, just like his brother Jr.

Mick Wright said...

For contrast:

"Appointing a conservative, white, Republican in an overwhelmingly black, Democratic district in insane."

- David Holt, Apr 19, 2006

David Holt said...

That just goes to show you. You don't really want people to pay attention to what you say.

David Holt said...

However, I'm pretty sure I said "white, conservative republican..." Regardless, there is a difference between the two situations. The post only mentioned race regardless of ideology. My problem was really more appointing a Republican in a district that always votes Democratic. Despite that, hats off to you for a good comment.

Formerly Considered Moderate said...

These little forums have been going on for several Sundays now and the tone is blatantly racist. Sorry to see that Ron fell into it. Think about it...which candidate can you choose, already knowing how he/she will vote? Certainly we didn't know how Jr would vote. Steve and Julian are really the only ones I would place a bet on with regard to how they would vote....the rest are utterly unknown. So I can honestly say that I KNOW that Steve would vote in a manner that the black community would be proud of...can't say that about the rest.

PeskyFly said...
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PeskyFly said...

Mick, are you ciphering Donkeys and elephants? Maybe. But don't confuse the icing on a fruitcake, with the inedible meat.

70s Kid said...

This is wrong of Redwing; there is no other way to cut it. When all else fails, play the race card.

Brassmask said...


This is why no one with a conscience and white skin in Memphis wants to be involved with politics. Someone will inevitably jump to "vote for me 'cause I'm black".

Worse still, if Cohen seems assured to win, someone will eventually call him a racist.

David Holt said...

Eventually? I've heard it several times already.

Blinders Off said...

A book or sitcom should be written about politics in Memphis. Black politicians play the race card when it is beneficial to them. I do not give a damn about the color of a politician skin, but I do care about their character. I believe Steve Cohen is the best choice and this is one black household voting for Cohen.

70s Kid said...

I'm another black person voting for Cohen b/c with a proven record of progressivism among other things, he is best for the job. Since '96, Memphis has had a representative who cared more about his political ambitions than issues important to 9th district residents. But I guess that was okay b/c at least the 9th district was getting screwed over by someone black.

I went to pay my respects at the funeral home to the little 2 year-old murder victim. It's funny that so called black leaders in Memphis appear to be more worried about keeping a congressional seat black than they are about the senseless violence in Memphis. I was also on Beale Thursday night where the Barkays were playing a concert for the black mayors. Alcohol was in abundance and everyone was having a grand ole time. I like a good party w/ spirits but at any point during this conference will there be a frank discussion about black on black crime?