Thursday, April 13, 2006

To further note...

Chris D. Jackson, bless his heart, was TRYING to do the right thing when he commented in the post below.

Hell, he's young enough to be my son, and I remember what it was like to be 19 and geeked up about politics. I was 19 and walking a precinct for Brave Cordova Dem, who was running for the legislature (neither of us were in Cordova at the time. He's trying to help his candidate; hell, he apparently just got himself elected to the Lawrence County Commission, so he's learning, one would hope.

He'd better.

However, it's good to remember that Ronald Reagan became the icon of the rightwing (although the nutjobs probably look at HIM as a liberal now) because the CONSERVATIVE BASE of the Republican Party got angry at the Bob Michels and Gerald Fords of the world who rolled over for the Democratic Party, who was then in complete control of Congress, and by extension, Washington.

They showed discipline, they NEVER gave up, and they wound up with complete control of Washington.

Howard Dean is our Ronald Reagan, only a hell of a lot smarter and correct on the issues. He understands that the problem with the Democratic Party are our elected officials in Washington, who are so locked into the Beltway mentality that they would rather be stomped on by the GOP than actually fight back or represent their constituencies. THAT is why he's pissed them off by using the money he raises to build parties at the state and local level and not routing it back to those bloated assholes.

That means to me, NO MONEY TO THE DCCC. NO MONEY TO THE DSCC. I give money to the national Party through a Democracy Bond because I know it's coming right back here for party-building.

I am so sick and tired of being told I have to hide my liberalism for fear it might offend some one. FUCK 'EM! Do you think GROVER NORQUIST hides HIS political beliefs, people? Do you think KARL FUCKING ROVE hides his political beliefs because it might offend someone? HELL NO!

We're the ones who are correct, people! The Democratic Party is supposed to be the LIBERAL party in America, not the whiny little party that won't talk back to the big bad bullies! Why can't people figure that out?

Friends, our Democratic Congressmen & Senators are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because they've been in captivity so long. That's how you wind up with a craven little coward like Joe Lieberman, and that's why we're going to beat him with Ned Lamont.

Harold Ford, Junior has run his campaign like he is ashamed to be a Democrat, and I will NOT stand for that. That's why I supported Rosalind Kurita, not because she was a flaming liberal, but because she stood up for DEMOCRATIC positions on healthcare and on the war in Iraq. She wasn't afraid, and for that the DC establishment worked to crush her at every turn, succeeding in forcing her out of the race.

At the rate things are going, I'm only going to have TWO REAL Democrats to vote for in November, for Congress (Cohen, I hope; anyone but Tinker otherwise) and Kernell for re-election.

Bredesen and Ford have proven to me that they are NOT REAL DEMOCRATS, and I will not vote for either of them. Oh, I won't vote for Goopers, I never do, I'll just write in the names of REAL Democrats in their place. Maybe I'll write in Harold Ford, SENIOR for the Senate; at least he WAS a REAL Democrat.

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David Holt said...

Amen. Howard Dean is committed to rebuilding the party not just raising money. Let's start standing for something!