Sunday, April 09, 2006

Early voting starts Wednesday

for the May 2 Democratic Primary and runs through April 27.

With this in mind, I offer the Cracker's COMPLETE endorsement guide in contested races...

Mayor - AC Wharton - Oh, come on, he could campaign full-time in a taffeta gown and still win.

Sheriff - Bennie Cobb - He has more law enforcement experience than anyone else in the race by a longshot.

Circuit Court Clerk - No Endorsement - I honestly don't know enough about either Roderic Ford or Johnnie Ruth Williams to give you a choice.

Criminal Court Clerk - Kevin Gallagher - No-brainer here; he has plans to streamline the office and he will bust his butt to do so.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Wanda Halbert - There is a great deal of sympathy, and deservedly so, for Shep Wilbun. However, I do not believe he could defeat Steve Stamson in a rematch, and we need a fresher face for that office.

Probate Court Clerk - Sondra Becton - On sheer doggedness, you have to admire the fact that every four years, she runs against Chris Thomas. Maybe she'll win one of these days.

County Clerk - Joe Young - No one should be surprised at this choice, as I have been a supporter of Joe all along. He is incredibly organized, and will make this a friendlier, more efficient office for all County residents.

Register - Coleman Thompson is unopposed for the Democratic nomination, but I would have endorsed him regardless. I worked along side him as co-manager of the Carol Chumney County Mayor race four years ago, and he is first-rate in everyt respect.

And now, for the Commission races....

District 1 - Who cares? No Democrats are running here; I'll be writing in people in all three races in August!

District 2

Position 1 - Darrick Harris - He has great ideas for the district, and he has paid his dues to this party without question.

Position 2 - Reginald Fentress - Far and away the most progressive candidate in this race; DFM has already endorsed him and is actively helping him.

Position 3 - Deidre Malone is completely unopposed, and will return in September. However, I would have endorsed her anyway; she has been a bulldog for her district.

District 3

Position 1 - Bob Hatton - He has earned this race with his hard work over many years and I believe he would be the best choice.

Position 2 - No endorsement - If Cleo Kirk wins this race, even though he can't serve, come to the May Executive Committee meeting, bring some popcorn and pull up a chair!

Position 3 - Joe Ford is unopposed.

District 4 - Screw 'em, they're all Republicans!

District 5 - Steve Mulroy - Again, a no-brainer, he is our ONLY chance to regain this seat from the GOP, no matter how many billboards developers buy for Joe Cooper.

Flame away, my Crackerphiles!


autoegocrat said...

There is a colossal Cooper billboard at American Way and Mt. Moriah.

Cracker, we really need to figure out a way to make our own signs.

LeftWingCracker said...

there are signs going up in neighborhoods all over the district for Mulroy, no need to panic at all..