Thursday, April 06, 2006

More details later; however..

UPDATE - 10 PM - 4/6

Quick notes from filing deadline:

1) Paul Stanley received NO GOP opposition for State Senate 31; there is a Democrat, Ivon Faulkner, running.

2) Jayne Chandler joined an already crowded list of candidates for Juvenile Court Judge, including Curtis Person, Earnestine Hunt Dorse, Veronica Coleman-Davis, and William T. Winchester.

3) Joe Towns had no opposition for his state House District 84, which gives him a free shot to run for the 9th District, and he took advantage of that by filing.

4) Filing as an INDEPENDENT for 9th District was Harold Jr.'s younger brother Jake Ford.

5) Patrick Malone III, who I have learned is the 20-year-old SON of County Commissioner Deidre Malone, filed for State Democratic Executive Committee - District 30 against longtime incumbent David Upton.

6) State Senator Ophelia Ford (D-29) has a primary rematch with STCC professor Steve Haley; however, Terry Roland, her GOP stalker, ALSO faces primary opposition with Kelley Hankins.

7) State Senator Kathryn Bowers (D-33), in addition to her legal troubles, faces primary opposition with Jennings Bernard, John A. Brown, and Steve Webster. There are also two Goopers running, Michael Floyd and Mary Wright (this isn't mary Taylor-Shelby under a married name, is it?).

8) Representative Henri Brooks (D-92), who is a candidate for County Commission in District 2, also filed for re-election. Opposing her in the primary are Democratic activist Elbert Rich, Jr. and Michael Saine.

9) My Godfather, Mike Kernell, faces Gooper Tim Cook in November in District 93.

10) Beverly Marrero (D-89) has Larry Henson of Binghampton in the Democratic primary, and Republican John Farmer (say, isn't he running in US 8?) and independent Charles Irvin Bell in the November election.

Congratulations to the unopposed legislators, all Representatives: Brian Kelsey (R-83), Joe Towns (D-84, see above), Larry Miller (D-88), John Deberry (D-90), Curry Todd (R-95).

I haven't even GOTTEN to the judgeships yet; I'll do that later........

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John Harvey said...

Sorry to post here, but I didn't see an email link regarding this matter. I am trying to get a group together to fight the system. The current election commission needs to be disbanded and a new system implemented. Every member of the commission needs to be replaced and it will take a lot of pressure to make that happen. I currently have commitments from Joey Hadley, John Luntz(Concerned Citizens), Thaddeus Matthews and others for this undertaking.

Feel free to post comments on my blog and to direct traffic to it as well. Whether you are liberal,conservative,Republican,Independent,Democrat,Green or any other classification, we MUST fix the process so that it is fair to all.


John Harvey