Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joe Cooper is desperate

Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal...: Going Negative...

However, you probably knew that. He is attacking Steve Mulroy viciously in robocalls around District 5, and David Holt has called him on the carpet for it.

Did you know that Joe Cooper is a convicted felon who has had his rights restored? He is, and he has.

Cooper has also lied about keeping the trains from blocking intersections if he's elected, which he would have NO AUTHORITY to do as a commissioner.

He is owned by developers, who are funding his campaign. He is, in short, the type of candidate we're trying to run out of town. Go click the title and read David's piece.


kafir memphian said...

If Cooper wins by less than 300 votes, I betcha that moonbat law professor will sue.

JamesStone said...

Why is Cooper (a Democrat) helping John Willingham & his daughter Karla Templeton (a Republican). There are yards in Dist 1 & Dist 5 with all three signs, despite Karla & Joe being in seperate districts. I have even seen this on S. Third on the way to Tunica. Someone is selling out their party for a Commission seat.