Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MSDIA makes endorsements tonight...

David Holt informs us that Mid-South Democrats In Action (MSDIA) endorsed several County Commission Candidates, and agreed with your humble Cracker in FOUR of the races.

They endorsed Darrick Harris in District 2, Position 1, Reginald Fentress for Position 2, and Deidre Malone for Position 3. They also tapped Steve Mulroy for District 5, all good choices.

However, we part ways in District 3, as they selected Paul Springer, Jr. in Position 1, who I don't really know, so I can't say anything one way or the other. Then, perhaps attempting to avoid the debacle of having the ExecCom choose the nominee, they chose to endorse Sidney Chism for Position 2.

Like I said earlier, District 3, you're on your own in that race.......

All in all, 4 out of 6 ain't bad, nice job MSDIA!


polar donkey said...

MSDIA is passionate about election reform and voter registration. Sidney Chism is also passionate. He is passionate about stuff. Stuff is important. Chism has a vision of moving Memphis stuff forward.

Stuff affects every one of us. Without stuff there would be no stuff. We eat stuff. We drink stuff. We breathe stuff. We are made of stuff and will return to stuff. The primacy of stuff is in no doubt, and therefore that makes Chism passionate about all stuff of stuff. You see this is what brings together Chism and MSDIA, passionate STUFF.

Some may say that Chism is only interested in his stuff. But it wasn't his stuff yet which he dealt with on the Land Use Board. The Labor Council perhaps had a different vision of worker's stuff than Chism, so he didn't their endorsement stuff. But do not question Chism's altruism and all that stuff, because he will work with all his strength or at least who ever he sends to speak for him on county commission stuff.

Have faith that stuff will be better in Shelby, especially those with a lot of stuff already. Do not let this republican stuff divide us, for we are all mere stuff in Chism's machinations. To recognize your stuff status is the first step in accepting the contradictions of Shelby County Democratic Party stuff. Yes, you see it's all about the stuff and Chism's passion for it.

LeftWingCracker said...

That's some pretty interesting stuff you wrote there, PD.

Keep that stuff coming!

Desi Franklin said...

Myself, I would call it vacuous nonsense.

kiljoyhardluck said...

Paul Springer Jr. How come we get all these Jr.'s and didn't his father invent the spaniel or have something to do with a rifle.