Friday, April 14, 2006

Well, the Grizzlies have apparently gotten what they wanted..

Which was to eliminate most, if not all of their competition for concerts in the area. First, the deal to sell the Pyramid to Bass Pro Shops (which I support); then, the news that the legendary Mid-South Coliseum is being closed, despite the fact that there were concert promoters TRYING TO BOOK THE PLACE!

Two hip-hip shows, plus two Widespread Panic shows, and other events that had been booked through March 2007 will have to be canceled.

So now, that leaves the Desoto Civic Center and, you guessed it, the FedExForum as the two main concert venues in town. Of course, never mind that, other than basketball games and tractor pulls, and the occasional Cirque du Soleil, concert promoters aren't knocking down the doors to play in the Forum.

Most shows these days are headed for Tunica, except the ones playing the Coliseum. Anyone want to bet those head straight for the DCC rather than play at 3rd & Linden?

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