Thursday, April 27, 2006

I don't post enough links to Smart City Memphis

But I want to post one now. SCC pimp-slaps Sen. Mark Norris (R-Suburbia) for his attempts to loot the state treasury on behalf of those poor, down-trodden salts of the earth known as the Tennessee Roadbuilders Association.

In an area where I actually (Madre Mia!) AGREE with Governor Bredesen, he re-appropriated $44 Million out of the state road-building fund to put it in areas where it might actually be needed. Norris, feeling for the plight of the roadbuilders, who may not know now where their next Lexus SUV may be coming from, pledged to right this wrong.

SCC skewers the Senator accordingly:

While Senator Norris is widely known for his thin skin and the perceived personal offenses and personal attacks that result from it, it’s discouraging to see someone who knows better engaging in such obvious political cleverness, acting as if he truly believes that the public is enraged because roadbuilding interests have seen $44 million taken out of TDOT’s budget of $1.7 billion.

It’s reminiscent of his days as a Shelby County commissioner when he, with great fanfare and a dependable fa├žade of gravity, voted against every property tax increase and every new revenue source such as adequate facilities taxes and impact fees. The fact that this was done in spite of the fact that it was his own district, the unincorporated area and towns of Shelby County, which was largely responsible for the fiscal crisis created by sprawl and schools.

As always, go read the rest of it!


SgtLarry said...

You should be slapping the governor for raiding the road fund to pay for pre-K and healthcare!

I have a better idea ... gasp ... reduce the gas tax!

The gas tax is for construction and maintenance of roads ... If it isn't going to be used for that, then reduce the tax!

At a minimum, use it for some transportation related item ... like buying electric buses ... or reconfiguring Broad Street and Summer Avenue. But not for pre-K or healthcare,

I guess you're living up to your name on this one ... you're definitely out in left field.

PeskyFly said...

More roads! Less opportunity for early childhood education and healthcare!

wahuwa said...

Yeah, let's build a road. Everybody knows if you just build a road everything will be all right, then. You may not have no gas to drive on it but you'll have a road.

SgtLarry said...

When a tax or fee is set up for a specific purpose ... such as road construction/maintenance ... then it should be used for that purpose or reduced or ended.

You're advocating the corruption of the gas tax.

You're just wrong on this one. Bredesen has his hand in the cookie jar and instead of telling him no, you want to fatten him up.

If you want to place a tax on gasoline to fund your socialism, then let the candidates make that part of their platform and let the voters decide. The gas tax was put in place to cover the cost of construction and repair of state roads.

Your call to corrupt the tax to fund social programs is unacceptable.

Smart City Consulting said...

Steve: Those of us at Smart City Memphis appreciate the the mention. As always. Sometimes we need to have a drink and compare notes. When you get some time, let us know at Keep the faith. SCM