Monday, April 17, 2006

Chris Bowers of MyDD drills it...

Chris has been talking about the Activist Class Wars within the Democratic Party for some time now, and he has another great post today, hat tip to Frank for this one..

Here's an excerpt about the Feingold censure resolution, but you need to read ALL OF IT:

Given this, my question to the remaining Democratic Senators is as follows: If you think that Senator Feingold was acting in order to gain favor and political benefit within the progressive base, then why didn't you sign on to his resolution in order to gain that same favor and benefit? The answer, as far as I can tell, must be that most Democrats in Washington do not view the support of the Democratic, progressive base as actually carrying with it much benefit at all. To them, the progressive base apparently does not matter, and does not wield political power of any value. The constant refrain, no matter how far ahead we are among independents, is that we must continue to target independents always, and independents only. It is a frustrating, overly simplistic, and linear view of politics.

Go read the rest of it!

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