Monday, April 24, 2006

How can we miss you if you won't stay gone?

UPDATE! The Flyer has unearthed THIS from the Baltimore City Paper on the return!

Hat tip to the Flyer, who discovered at the CA website the stunning news that Wendi Thomas has decided that crabcakes aren't to her liking, after all, and is returning to the local fishwrap.

I only ask that we see more of THIS Wendi

And less, or none at all, of THIS Wendi (I know, too much to ask!)

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Unforgetableme said...

Ah, hell, more rantings and ravings from Wendy who does all she can to denigrate black elected officials. I'm sure some are happy to see her return. It's obvious that she couldnt write the same crap in Baltimore that she had fun writing here. I hope her stay here in short lived. She knew she " loved" Memphis before she took the job. I believe the writing was on the wall before her writings became public