Thursday, May 10, 2007

OK, what the hell is this?

On the amendment that would have set a timetable for the withdrawal of our soldiers from Iraq, there were 59 Democratic traitors that caused the amendment to fail.

Look, 60% of the American people want us out of there. TODAY. I can almost forgive Lincoln Davis, because he's in a GOP-leaning (hell, it's fallen over!) district.

But John Tanner? He is in one of the SAFEST districts there is, the last refuge of the rural Democrat on this side of the Mississippi. He has NO excuse. Hell, Marion Berry in AR-01, who has a MORE GOP-leaning district than Tanner (yes, I know he has the Delta, but have you been to Jonesboro lately? OY.)

Jim Cooper? Hell, if the Senate hadn't been in play (and lost, because of Democrats like him) in 1994, I was almost tempted to vote for Fred Thompson, at least he was honest enough to call himself a Republican.

Whether there is a chance in hell of beating them or not, these two deserve to be PRIMARIED in 2008 for this insanity. If we don't instill party discipline, we will constantly have people who sell out progressives. Let them know that when they fuck up, we will HURT them.

Now, the stunner in all of the traitorous defections is.....Vic Snyder? WTF? Vic Snyder voted AGAINST the McGovern amendment??? This is astonishing, because, after Steve Cohen, he has long been considered the Mid-South's progressive bellwether, and this vote has left me speechless. Almost, anyway.

Seriously, I want a Democrat to step up and file against John Tanner in the Democratic Primary and fight like hell. Same for Jim Cooper, Nashville may be more conservative than Memphis, but they're not THAT right-wing.

As for Snyder, well, maybe not just yet, but he'z got LOTS of 'splainin to do.


Anonymous said...

Good heads up, daddio.

kibitzer said...

That IS shocking about Vic Snyder, who's an old running mate from my Arkansas days and who, yes, is the closest thing to Cohen within driving distance. One can only imagine wassup

'Coma said...

Dark, smoky rooms filled with confused politicians who are trying to have their cake and eat it too as the old saying goes.
At least that's what I think.
It's the politicians who are confused, not the American people, but with that said, I think there is more going on that meets the eye.
A. Are this Blue Dogs trying to set up themselves as moderators of a veto-proof coalition.
B. Will their be a fight in the senate over this and that's where the political battlefield will be?
Don't know, LWC, just don't know.

autoegocrat said...

Let's play a game. I'm thinking of something, and it rhymes with "surge."