Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I didn't see that coming....

I thought that the House 89 Democratic Primary would be a closely fought race, and either Jeanne Richardson or Kevin Gallagher could win.

It appears that the Democratic electorate believed that 32 years of female representation in Nashville was NOT enough, as Jeanne Richardson won a solid victory over Kevin Gallagher tonight, 693-373, to earn the Democratic nomination (tantamount to election) for the permanent seat.

Jeanne, who I have praised with good reason here, ran a solid campaign, worked extremely hard in the district, and earned the nomination to face Republican Dave Wicker, Jr.

I openly supported Gallagher, as I thought he deserved the seat; however, I have no problem endorsing Jeanne Richardson in the July 17 General Election, and I urge all in District 89 to vote for her then, and I know Kevin will do the same, he's already told me he will.

So, on we go to July! Congratulations to Jeanne on her victory tonight.

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Will Beaty said...

Well HUZZAH for this primary finally being over! Mostly because it felt like choosing between two parents in a divorce case!

LeftWingCracker said...

That, Will, may be the comment of the YEAR so far!

Tom Guleff said...

Can someone calculate the percent turnout on this ?