Who's your choice for Mayor in 2015?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey Fred, better not take Dick Wolf off your speed dial just yet!

Commissioner Jackson smacks down Arthur Branch with the latest poll numbers showing Freddie at a whopping 6% in the Republican Presidential polls.



Tom Guleff said...

I think this guy is half Republican. It's hard to argue against these priorities.

From Chris Jackson's website:

Legislative Agenda: Commissioner Jackson lists the five following issues as his top priorities in the upcoming legislative year.

- Making the tax code fair for everyone in Lawrence County
- Demanding fiscal responsibility and accountability from every department
- Getting a temporary jail facility in Lawrence County
- Recruiting new industry and expanding on existing ones
- Making sure Lawrence County's students get the best education possible

Chris D. Jackson said...

Tom, what do you think is Republican about my priorities?

Thanks for the link LWC!