Sunday, May 13, 2007

They talk the talk, can they walk the walk?

Thaddeus Matthews has touted the new Memphis Democratic Club as a force which will supposedly crush the SCDP, raise more money, and elect "qualified' Democrats to office.

This is made up primarily of folks who supported Jay Bailey over Keith Norman for SCDP Chair. Thaddeus announced that they are starting their own PAC, just like the Germantown Club, that they have lined us buses and vans to take people to the polls for elections, and will elect lots of Democrats.

No problem, who DOESN'T want to see Democrats elected? I even suggested that I might join them (in addition to paying my dues for G-Town; I need to send Susan a check!) If they do all that they say they are going to do, great!

Never mind, of course, that most of these folks live in areas where Democrats always win, and losing is next to impossible for Democrats, unless they get indicted, and even then, in the case of Kathryn Bowers. Other than the fact that they don't seem to like the MSDIA reform movement, who basically has out-organized everyone at the last two conventions, I'm not really sure of their purpose.

If the new MDC can increase turnout and register new voters to help Democrats win by larger margins in Shelby County, then great, count me in. Hell, the SCDP will stand and applaud.

If the MDC can produce a large enough turnout in 2008 so that Big Shelby flips the state from red to blue in the presidential race, then bravo. We'll all be on the same team.

You have to ask yourself one thing, though; if these good Democrats couldn't get enough folks from the most Democratic areas in Shelby County to turn out for the SCDP Caucuses & Convention, how in the hell can the MDC organize well enough to elect anyone who wouldn't have been elected in any event?

Only time will tell; I wish the best of luck to the MDC, as another SUCCESSFUL Democratic Club helps us all.

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leftwingcarolinablue said...

You mean I can't become a Republican? I was waiting for the city hall here to open tomorrow--