Friday, July 18, 2008

The Feel Good Friday roundup!

We will add to this as the day goes on. First, I broke out the RL Burnside in memory of our beloved Cap'n Pete, then ContrAltoDelete brought us Carlos Guitarlos!

Miss Sharon Cobb - a tribute to George Harrison

Pesky Fly - Two words: Betty Lavette. Enough said.

GoldnI - Bush. No, not him, the GOOD kind. No, wait, not THAT, the GROUP Bush, you perv.

Ginger Snaps - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Wintermute - Frat Rock Friday!

Newscoma - I'm on a Mexican Radio!

LeBlanc - Jason Isbell riffs on the Drive-By Truckers

Slartibartfast - Marc Broussard sings Al Green (it's damn fine!)

Ron at Subtle Bluntness: A nice humorous tune.

Scout About - a teeny little Superguy!

I'm About to be Brilliant - a little Extreme

Sean Braisted brings us the McCain Edition with a visit to Istanbul, or is it Constantinople?

Russ McBee - The Memphis staple, Mustang Sally!

More as they arrive!


GoldnI said...

Thanks for doing this!

Sharon Cobb said...

What goldni said!
Thank you!!

callmeishmael said...

I'll take walking the line and not breaking the circle. Or, as a t-shirt of mine say, "What would Iago do?" Would you instead prefer "Will is my Homeboy?" How about one on its way saying "Everything I learned, I learned from Polonius?" Maybe John McCain might wear that one.