Friday, July 11, 2008

OK, now I'm in a Jerry Jeff state of mind

First, Jerry Jeff doing the Guy Clark classic, LA Freeway..

Then with Ray Wylie Hubbard as Hubbard talks about his legendary Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother..

Then Ray Wylie Hubbard issues his commentary on today's Country music with Screw You, We're from Texas.


Sharon Cobb said...

OMG--You're walking through my memories!!!
I used to sing (ALL THE TIME) LA Freeway in 86 when I was out in LA with Tex. When I finally dragged his butt to Nashville in 87, when I was producing Ben Vereen, we were all staying at the Spence Manor and Jerry Jeff and Guy Clark and Mickey Newbury
and several others of us had a guitar pull all night long.
It was that night that Jerry Jeff told me he had quit smoking, drinking and drugs in one day.

I want to go home! Y'all start taking up a "Let's send Sharon back to Texas" fund!

BTW, El Paso and Austin were more liberal in 84 (when I left to move to Nashville) than Tennessee is in 2008.

"I feel so broke up, I wanna go home!"

BTW, I had never heard the "I'm from Texas so screw you" song before, but it just became my theme song!

Unknown said...

Takes me back to my days as a DJ at Progressive Country 101, KWAM, Memphis, which made a direct, unannounced format change from progressive country to disco sometime in the late 70s

Sharon Cobb said...

As much as I love this Jerry Jeff song, I think the only reason it got so much airplay on country formats is it was the longest country record on the play list!

This song, and Coe's "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" were great bathroom break songs.