Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OK Tennessee Democrats, it's time to bring your focus back home for a minute!

The US Senate candidate whom I support, Bob Tuke, had an interesting internal poll released Tuesday.  It showed that among Democrats who had made up their minds, he led Mike Padgett about 4-1.

That's great, until you consider that the actual percentages were Tuke 32, Padgett 8, Other 3 and UNDECIDED 57%.  We are five weeks and one day from the actual election, and two weeks and two days from the start of Early Voting in Big Shelby, and almost THREE in FIVE Democratic voters have not made up their mind??  Whatcha waitin' on, folks, CHRISTMAS???

Look, Lamar Alexander is well thought of by a lot of people in this state; even though lots of Republicans are acting as crazy as betsy-bugs, Alexander is as vanilla and non-threatening as Don "No-Soul" Simmons

Except, of course, that he has been round-heeled for the policies of George W. Bush for the last six years, a dutiful old retainer who would be just as big a shill for John McCain, who is going for a third Bush term.  Whatever they tell him to do. he'll do, except in an election year, when he pretends to listen to the will of the people.

Not only that, Alexander would be a roadblock for any legislation, progressive or not, that an Obama administration would try to push through the Senate.  So, it stands to reason, in the MORE AND BETTER DEMOCRATS category, we sure as hell need ONE MORE DEMOCRAT in the Senate from Tennessee.

If you haven't made up your mind yet, I am supporting Bob Tuke because he's not afraid to fight LAMAR! tooth and toenail all over the state and go after him for being Bush's bitch in Tennessee.  If you're not sure yet, then go check out Mike Padgett, Ken Eaton or the others, but at least GO FIGURE IT OUT.  I really hope you'll support Bob, but you need to at least get off your collective asses and make up your minds, because we in Tennessee CANNOT afford six more years of Republican backwardness, and that's what LAMAR! represents.

Haven't you had enough yet?  It's time to step up, folks.

Rant over.


Mr Turnbow said...

LWC,I don't believe that poll. I think Padgett will play better in the rural areas of west tennessee(ala McWherter)and that will end up putting him over the top in a few weeks.

LeftWingCracker said...

Mr. T, with 57% undecided, that is a distinct possibility.

Anonymous said...

I was happy with this poll, though it's still early with so many undecideds. What are people waiting on? I was undecided for a long time, then I met Padgett in Feb. and was like oh yay we have a guy running so I started supporting him. Then in May I met Bob Tuke, and instantly knew that this was the man that has a chance.

Padgett brings no energy to the race and his idea of healthcare seems a bit off.

jayalakshmi said...

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